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All Albums >> Hughes Cannon >> Confederate Hughes Cannon 9

Confederate Hughes Cannon 9

Submitted by gpthelastrebel on 22 Aug, 08:08PM.


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This fantastic piece is complete with original carriage, original ammo boxes and the original paint. It has a water jacket around barrel as did machine guns - 50 years later! This rapid fire breech loading gun was far advanced for its time. On a scale of one to ten we would rate this as a ten in rarity, collectors value, and as an investment. Rock Island Auction which sales high end antique firearms sold two confederate cannons about nine months ago. They both were the type widely used during the Civil War and numerous pieces were manufactured and survive today. One cannon realized $145,000 and other $175,000. Ours is much rarer than either of one of these cannons that were sold at the recent sale.
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