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Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education :: Forums :: Military Units :: The 3rd Mississippi Infantry Regt. :: Re: Co I, "John M Sharps"
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Posted: Sun Jan 07 2024, 10:26AM
From Yazoo County, Mississippi Mustered into states service at Benton on August 30, 1861. Mustered into States service at Pass Christian Oct 14, 1861.

Allen, ?-- Pvt.

Allen, Peter J. -- Pvt.

Alton, Gustavus W. -- Pvt., mus.

Alton, H. C. -- Pvt.

Alton, W. L.-- Pvt.

Arnold, Frank L. -- Pvt.

Barfield, A. L. -- Pvt.

Barfield, James -- Pvt.

Barfield, John -- Pvt

Barfield, Nathan L. -- Pvt.

Bard, A. -- Pvt.

Belcher, John W. -- Pvt.

Belcher, McCuen -- Pvt.

Bonifield, L. -- Pvt.

Bridges, H. N. -- 3rd, 2nd Lt.

Buchanan, S. -- Pvt.

Burnet, W. -- Pvt.

Carpenter, W. -- Pvt.

Carson, J. P. -- Pvt., 2nd Cpl.

Clark, Alexander, -- Pvt.

Collins, Jacob-- Pvt.

Cook, C.C. -- Pvt.

Costilow, Henry N. -- Pvt., Mus.

Daniels, H. M. -- Pvt.

Daniels, James C. -- Pvt.

Davis, Henry M. – Pvt.

Davisa Wilet W.-- Pvt.

Davis, William R. --Pvt.

Dyer, Samuel-- Capt., Maj., Lt. Col.

Elledge, Elbert-- Pvt.

Evans, William P. – Pvt.

Everett, H. W. – Pvt.

Everett, Henry F. – Pvt.

Everett, Riley M. – Pvt.

Everett, Thomas P, – Pvt

Fox, James-- Pvt.

Giles Wesley A. – Pvt.

Graham, C. – Pvt.

Grayson, Thomas R. – 1st Cpl.

Greashan, B. – Pvt.

Gresham, Certestus-- Pvt.

Gresham, F. – Pvt.

Gresham, Harrison-- Pvt.

Gresham, Rasberry-- Pvt.

Gunn, J. W. --2nd Lt.

Hall, Foster-- Pvt.

Hall, L. parker –Pvt.

Hanson, Andrew J. – Pvt.

Hanson, Jessee-- Pvt.

Hanson, John-- Pvt.

Harris, James-- Pvt.

Harris, John-- Pvt.

Harris T. W. – Pvt.

Hearn, Newton D. – Pvt.

Henry, Milton-- Pvt.

Holt, Anthony L. – Pvt. 2Nd, 1st Sgt.

Holt, John W. --Pvt., 4th Cpl.

Horton, Dixson C.-- Pvt.

House, Arron J.-- Pvt.

Hudgeons, Robert T. – Pvt.

Jenkins, Henry T.--- Pvt.

Jenkins, J. T. – Pvt.

Johnson, Oliver T. – Pvt.

Johnston, A. H. – 2nd Lt., Capt.

Johnston, Abner C. – Pvt.

Johnston, Lafayette P. – Pvt.

Kilgore, A. S. – Pvt.

Kilgore, M. – Pvt.

Lunsford, William W. – Pvt.

Lusk, James E. – Pvt.

McCormack, George C. – Pvt.

McCormack, Joseph Daniel—Pvt, 5th, 4th Sgt.

McCormack, Robert James-- 1st O.Sgt, 1st, Lt.

McGuire, Milton H. – Pvt.

Mclelland, E. A. – Pvt.

Marshall, James N.-- Pvt.

Marshall, William P. – Pvt.

Miller, William H. – Pvt., Color cpl.

Montgomery, A. H. ---- Pvt.

Montgomery, A. J.-- Pvt.

Montgomery, G. T. – 2nd, 1st Cpl.

Montgomery. Johnathan A. – Pvt.

Montgomery, William R. – Pvt, 3rd, 2nd Cpl. 5th Sgt.

Moorman, J.B. – Pvt.

Moorman, William H. – Pvt. 4th Cpl.

O'neal, Warren B. – Pvt.

Pearce, Robert Newton—3rd, 2nd Lt.

Percy, Benjamin F.--Pvt.

Pheller, V. E. – Pvt.

Pittman D. – Pvt.

Pittman, James A. – Pvt.

Pittman, Jesse-- Pvt.

Pittman, John-- Pvt.

Pittman, John D. – Pvt.

Pittman, W. --Pvt.

Pope Joseph, – Pvt.

Portwood, Lewis R. --Pvt. 2nd Cpl, Sgt Maj.

Powell, ? – Capt.

Purtle, M. – Pvt.

Ratcliff, Samuel H. – Pvt.

Riggs, J. H. – Pvt.

Roads, J. N. – Pvt.

Roberts, Thomas B. – Pvt., 4th 2nd Cpl.

Russell, Abner J. – 3rd Sgt, 2nd Lt.

Russell, William J. --Pvt. 3rd Cpl.

Sconyers, James A. – Pvt, Ensign, 5th O. Sgt.

Shannon , A. J. – Pvt.

Shannon, John S. --Pvt., 1st Cpl. 5th Sgt.

Shell, B. – Pvt.

Shell, George H. --4th, 3rd Sgt.

Shell, Ira B. – Pvt.

Shell, Peter J.-- Pvt.

Sherrard, B. F. --Pvt.

Sherrard, Joel, E. – Pvt.

Sherrard, Joseph – Pvt.

Shurley, James E. – Pvt

Shurley, James Robert-- Pvt, 3rd, 1st Cpl.

Shurtley, Robert, J. --Pvt.

Somerlin, R. – Pvt.

Sorrels, Samuel-- Pvt.

Stevens, Lewis-- 3rd, 1st Lt.

Stevens, Micajah P.-- Pvt., Color cpl, Color Sgt.

Stevens Robert H. – Pvt.

Stewart, W. B. – Pvt.

Stroud, W. B. – Pvt.

Swayze, James – Pvt, 4th Cpl.

Thomas, J. E. – Pvt.

Thomas, Joseph-- Pvt., 4th, 3rd, 1st Cpl.

Thomason, James Monroe-- Pvt.

Thomasson, Judge L. – Pvt.

Thomason, Preston-- Pvt.

Thompson—Pvt., Nurse., Post Master.,

Tom, – Cook, slave.

Turnage, Robert D. – Pvt.

Vancleave, Daniel B. – Pvt.

Waller, J. S. --Pvt.

Weed, John D. – Pvt

Weed, Samuel S. – 2nd. Sgt.

Weed W.W. – Sgt.

Whiddon, Bennett – Pvt.

White, Nathan Morris—Pvt.

Whitfield, William A. – Pvt, 1st Sgt.

Williamson, Hartwel F. – Pvt., 3rd Cpol., mus. 4th Sgt.

Wilmore, Reuben-- Pvt.

Winders, M. – Pvt.

Womack, B. D. – Pvt.

Womack,. William – Pvt.
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