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Mon Dec 07 2015, 04:15PM

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As you may or may not know Stone Mountain is considering erecting a monument to Black Confederates. I for one support this project for many reasons. Below you will find a link and my letter to the Stone mountain group. I encourage everyone who supports this group to write a similar letter and link to "Negroes In Gray" as a information source.



Sir or Madam,

I, for one, think your plan to honor Black Confederates at Stone Mountain is an excellent idea. Perhaps as time goes on Native Americans can be added.

Since you are considering this project, I would like to offer some research that a group I am with has posted to the web. The name of our group is Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education. We have 3 websites, one of which is Negroes in Gray. The is website is located at http://negrosingrey.southernheritageadvancementpreservationeducation.com/page.php?2
In this website you will find some 10,000 names and numbers of men, women and children who supported the Confederacy. You will find entries of civilians as well as soldiers. Sources are as noted. However this listing, at this time, does not include the Confederate Navy and Marines that project will kick off after the New Year.

Please take a look at what we have documented so for. If you decided to use this information, we ask nothing more than you acknowledge our contribution to this project.

Best Regards,
George Purvis


Stone Mountain Memorial association

[ Edited Mon Dec 07 2015, 04:18PM ]
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