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Response to "Should We Deny Slavery Issue?"--Jeff Paulk
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Tue Nov 26 2019, 06:15PM

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Sent to Confederate Veteran Magazine

To the Editor:

It would seem that our plates are full enough with trying to convey historical truth to the ignorant and anti-Confederates without having to correct those in our own camp. I refer to the statement in the November/December 2019 issue “Slavery was a catalyst for the war”. Now, I will concede that it might have been one of the reasons for secession, (or rather the continuous verbal attacks upon southern slaveholders by the radical abolitionists and not slavery itself), but Lincoln’s illegal invasion of the South was the cause of the war, and he was not invading over slavery, but to force the legally seceded states back into the union for the continued collection of excessive tariffs, not to free any slaves. Lincoln’s own words and actions, as well as the Crittenden-Johnson Resolution, and the Corwin Amendment prove the war was not about slavery. When the first few states seceded, there were more slaves in the Union than in the Confederacy. The other states seceded after Lincoln ordered 75,000 troops to invade the South.
Since the late 1700s the North had been spewing vicious lies about the South and advocated the murder of southern slaveholders. The actions of the American terrorist, John Brown, who butchered non slave owning southerners, was an example of what the radical abolitionists (communists) had in mind for southern slave owners, not taking into account and completely ignoring the fact that it was their own fellow New Englanders who built the slave ships and plied their trade selling slaves to both northerners and southerners. The vast majority of Confederate soldiers, about 93%, owned no slaves. They were not fighting so some rich people could keep their slaves, but to defend their homeland from an invasion of murderers, looters, arsonists, and rapists. They fought for the same reasons as their fathers and grandfathers did who fought the British in the 1st American Revolution. As for “some of the invading Yankees” thinking they were fighting to end slavery, why didn’t they first free the more than 429,000 slaves in the Union first? No, it just doesn’t add up. You have slaves in your country, but you are invading my country to rid it of slavery? Not hardly.
No, slavery was not the cause, or even a cause of the war. Money, power, and greed on the part of Lincoln and his handlers are what caused the war. Not slavery. Had Lincoln not invaded, there would have been no war.
I close with a quote from that great 19th century author, Charles Dickens: "The Northern onslaught upon slavery was no more than a piece of specious humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the Southern states." --Charles Dickens, 1862

Jeff Paulk
Daniel N. McIntosh Camp #1378
Tulsa, OK
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