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Fri Dec 27 2019, 12:34PM

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Dec 6 at 7:20 PM


Dear Lt. Governor Patrick,

You made the following remark concerning a portrait of Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston:

“It’s a painful reminder of the history of Texas. I often wonder why a Confederate general hangs in the state Capitol, specifically in the Senate chamber.”

Why would a Confederate soldier be honored, and especially in the South? How about the fact the he was defending his homeland from an illegal invasion of murderers, looters, rapists, and arsonists? I submit to you, sir, that what is truly painful is the number of scalawags, turncoats, and historically ignorant people we have in the South who slander our Confederate heroes and history. NEWS FLASH!! The War of Northern Aggression was NOT about slavery. Lincoln cared not one whit for the black race, as is proven by his numerous quotes. He invaded the legally seceded South to force it back into a union it had no desire to be a part of so he could continue the collection of excessive and unconstitutional tariffs. The South was paying 87% of the federal revenues which were largely going to benefit the northern railroads, industry, and bankers, and getting very little in return. Lincoln was of the “Hamiltonian” big centralized government mindset and he destroyed what the Founders established and created a large, all-powerful, oppressive government that we are still shackled with today.

If the war was all about “freeing the slaves” as you no doubt believe, and as many other historically ignorant people believe, then why did the North not first free the more than 429,000 slaves still in the Union AFTER the South seceded?
It is understandable why you, and millions of others, believe this way. The true accounts of our history are not taught in our schools. What is taught in the government indoctrination centers is a Marxist rewritten version that vilifies the South and glorifies the North. Texas should be proud of her Confederates who fought for the same reasons as their fathers and grandfathers fought in the American Revolution. I am so sick of seeing “politically correct” politicians jump on the “anti-Confederate Band Wagon”, especially those who should be standing up for Southern heritage and history.

There is nothing dishonorable about our Confederate soldiers, flag, monuments, history, or culture, and many of us are fed up with this cultural genocide which is removing flags and monuments, and changing the names of schools, parks, and streets to pacify a small number of crybaby historical idiots who are too lazy to get off their duffs and actually do just a little bit of truth-seeking. You, sir, as well as Governor Abbott, should be ashamed of the stand you have taken against Southern pride, heritage, and history.


Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK
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