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Fri Dec 18 2020, 06:18PM

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In reference to---- https://www.charlestonathenaeumpress.com/betrayal-republicans-in-the-senate-guarantee-us-army-base-names-in-the-south-will-change/


Senator Inhofe,

It is indeed a shame when our elected officials can’t mind their own business and deem it necessary to become part of the cultural genocide crowd that is doing all they can to erase the history of our Confederate ancestors. I am referring to what you and Senator Mitch McConnell have done in working to take the names of Confederate soldiers off our military bases, after lying and saying you would not do it. Did you know that 44% of the military is made up of Southerners, but Southerners only make up 36% of the population? This lopsided figure has been true for decades. For some reason you think it is honorable to erase the names of Americans who were fighting an illegal invasion and defending their homes and families from Lincoln’s murderers, looters, rapists, and arsonists. Were you aware that Confederate veterans are United States veterans under the law? I refer you to the following:

U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 Approved 23 May 1958

(US Statutes at Large Volume 72, Part 1, Page 133-134)

The Administrator shall pay to each person who served in the military or naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War a monthly pension in the same amounts and subject to the same conditions as would have been applicable to such person under the laws in effect on December 31, 1957, if his service in such forces had been service in the military or naval forces of the United States

U.S. Code Title 38 – Veterans’ Benefits, Part II – General Benefits, Chapter 15 – Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disability or Death or for Service, Subchapter I – General, § 1501. Definitions: (3) The term “Civil War veteran” includes a person who served in the military or naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, and the term “active military or naval service” includes active service in those forces

Therefore, Confederate veterans are equivalent to Union veterans. This continual erasure of Confederate names and the removal of monuments is a slap in the face to the Confederate soldier and to those of us who have Confederate ancestors. This follows right along with what the communists have done in the past; rewrite history and remove names and monuments, which seems to fit naturally with our “lawmakers" since most of us consider most of CONgress to be in the communist camp.

The historically ignorant, which includes about 99.99% of CONgress, the NAACP, news media, NPR, Public Television, Hollywood, and most of our population, still believe the fairy tale that the Confederacy fought to protect and perpetuate slavery and that the “righteous” Union fought to free the poor black race. Never mind that there were more than 429,000 slaves in the Union AFTER the South legally seceded. Rewritten history has been shoved down our throats since Reconstruction and it has gotten worse in the past 30 years. The actions you and McConnell have taken work to further divide our country instead of bring it together. If the truth of our history was taught in our schools and universities none of this cultural genocide would be taking place. The South is always made out to be the “bad guy” that beat slaves and kept them in chains (more fairy tales), and the Union is always portrayed as the “good guy” that “freed the slaves” (more fairy tales), even though it was the New England slave trade that brought the slaves here and profited greatly from it.

It seems to me that there are much more pressing issues at hand, like fixing our broken election system that is full of fraud, instead of tossing our Confederate ancestors memory on the trash heap. You, and most of CONgress, are a huge disappointment and the only good thing I can think of in all of this is that you are in your last term. Hopefully, we can get better representation for Oklahoma after you are finally out of office.


Jeff Paulk

Tulsa, OK

[ Edited Fri Dec 18 2020, 06:22PM ]
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