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Mon May 02 2022, 06:05PM

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Dear Governor Murphy, 5/3/2019

You recently ordered the Mississippi State flag to be removed from Liberty square and stated, “The Confederate symbol displayed on the Mississippi State flag is reprehensible and does not reflect our values of inclusivity and equality.”
The Confederate symbol on the beautiful Mississippi State flag is only “reprehensible” and lacking of “inclusivity and equality” to those of you who are totally ignorant of our history. Blacks, whites, Indians, Mexicans, Jews, Irish, and more fought for the Confederacy to repel Lincoln’s illegal invasion of the South by murderers, looters, rapists, and arsonists. Those of your ignorant mindset still believe the fairy tale that the War of Northern Aggression was “all about slavery”, and that Lincoln’s army of thugs was on some “righteous and moral campaign” to end the plight of the poor black race. The historically ignorant have no clue that the war was not about slavery, (and that blacks were treated far worse in the North than in the South) but the continued collection of excessive tariffs from the South to benefit the Northern railroads, industrialists, and bankers, and to establish a strong centralized government, like the one we are still shackled with today. (The South was paying 85% of the federal revenues, but only had 1/3 of the population.) It was fought to subjugate the South and crush any sense of individual liberty and “the consent of the governed”. The historically ignorant want to continue the chastisement of the South over the issue of slavery, while it was the New England Yankees who built the ships and occupied themselves in the very lucrative slave trade, selling their cargo to both northerners and southerners, while flying Old Glory high on the masts of their ships. Why is Old Glory not considered “reprehensible” and not reflective of “inclusivity and equality”?
If the War of Northern Aggression was, as you no doubt believe, fought for the freeing of Southern slaves, then please explain to me why the North did not free the more than 429,000 slaves in the Union AFTER the South seceded? Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation freed not one solitary soul, not even the black slaves who were owned by free blacks. What? You didn’t know about that? Not surprising, since the truth of our history is not taught in the government indoctrination centers or socialist universities.
What is truly reprehensible, sir, is the large number of historically ignorant politicians, City Council members, and school board members who are participating in this evil cultural genocide to rid the South, and the entire country, of all things Southern and Confederate and to toss our heritage, history, and culture into the trash bin. Sweeping our history and culture away with the broom of socialism also includes sweeping away the Christian principles our ancestors lived and died by, and the principles upon which this country was established.
Mississippi has a very beautiful State flag and it deserves to be honored, as do our Confederate ancestors. It is very sad to see political figures trashing our Confederate heritage due to political expediency, historical ignorance, or both. You need to research the facts about Lincoln’s illegal war. There is no excuse to be ignorant of the facts in this day and age as so many are.


Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK
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Sun May 15 2022, 07:35PM

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Joined: Tue Jul 17 2007, 02:46PM
Posts: 3861
Sent: Mon, Apr 29, 2019 7:06 am
Subject: The Slave State of New Jersey

African slavery flourished in New Jersey prior to the Revolution while Rhode Island flourished as the center of the transatlantic slave trade, surpassing Liverpool by 1750. It was not until 1804 that the New Jersey Legislature passed an act for gradual emancipation, though like New York’s later act, the law held a hidden subsidy for New Jersey slave owners. The latter could free the slave children and place them under State care, while selling the parents in Southern States. Additionally, free blacks could not vote by an 1807 law limiting the franchise to free, white males.
www.Circa1865.org The Great American Political Divide
Read more at: http://slavenorth.com/newjersey.htm

The Slave State of New Jersey

“Slavery had obtained legal sanction in New Jersey under the [English] proprietary regimes of Berkeley and Carteret. In 1702, when New Jersey became a crown colony, Gov. Edward Cornbury was dispatched from London with instructions to keep the settlers provided with “a constant supply of merchantable Negroes at moderate prices.” He likewise was ordered to assist slave traders and “to take especial care that payment be duly made.”

“These instructions became settled policy, and the slave traffic became one of the preferred branches of New Jersey’s commerce. In rejecting a proposed slave tariff in 1744, the Provincial Council declared that nothing would be permitted to interfere with the importation of Negroes. The council observed that slaves had become essential to the colonial economy, since most entrepreneurs could not afford to pay the high was commanded by free workers.”

But while slaves were encouraged, free blacks were not. Free blacks were barred by law from owning land in colonial New Jersey. Slaves were especially numerous around Perth Amboy, which was the colony’s main port of entry.

“By 1690, most of the inhabitants of the region owned one or more Negroes.” From 2,581 in 1726, New Jersey’s slave population grew to nearly 4,000 in 1738. Slaves accounted for about 12 percent of the colony’s population up to the Revolution.

From 1713 (after a violent slave uprising in New York) to 1768, the colony operated a separate court system to deal with slave crimes [and] special punishments for slaves remained on the books until 1788 . . . [and] New Jersey narrowly escaped a violent slave uprising in 1743.

The 1800 census counted 12,422 New Jersey slaves . . . [and] in the same year New Jersey banned importing of slaves it also forbid free blacks from entering the State with intent to settle there.” Edited Sat May 04 2019, 05:27PM
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