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Mon Aug 15 2022, 06:46PM

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Jeff Paul


Fri, Aug 12 at 11:23 AM

Chuck Egerton 642 Parkview Street Asheboro, North Carolina 27203 U.S.A. Phone: 336.653.9011


Mr. Egerton, 8/12/22

To state that the Confederate monument represents "white supremacy" and a "lie" is more than a stretch, and is evidence that your public school indoctrination is leaking out. It needs not only to leak out, but be FLUSHED out with the truth, which most people are far too lacking in. You, the racist NAACP, the media, and most politicians state that Confederate monuments represent a people who “fought for slavery” and “the destruction of the Union”. Hogwash! Most Confederate soldiers were honorable, brave Christians who fought to repel the illegal invasion of their country. They wanted only to be left alone. But, the Yankee mindset being what it is, that was impossible. Yankees have to push their arrogance and know-it-all ways upon anyone who is different from them. After all, Yankees know best. Just look at the wonderful country they have bestowed upon us since 1865 with their illegal income tax, continuous wars, licenses and fees for everything under the sun, public school indoctrination with a socialist agenda, higher and higher taxes, more and more government, promotion of transgenderism in our military and schools, killing our energy independence, increasing our debt and unemployment rates, supporting domestic terrorists (BLM and Antifa), giving billions of our taxpayer dollars to foreign countries, using the DOJ as a weapon on political opponents, and the list is never ending. THIS is what our Confederate ancestors were fighting to prevent. Sadly, they failed.

The continual regurgitation of lies, slander, and false history by the cultural genocide crowd has become more than sickening, and reflects a dire need for mass infusions of true history into the minds of the lemmings who continually lap up this drivel like a thirsty dog on a hot summer day. Over the past several years we have seen our monuments desecrated, removed, and destroyed. We have seen the names of our schools, streets, parks, and now our military bases changed. You dishonor the honorable and honor the dishonorable. The Union soldiers did not fight with honor, or for a just cause. They invaded a people who did them no harm and descended upon innocent civilians like the locusts of the Old Testament, destroying everything in their path by looting, murdering, burning, and raping their way across the South. They left in their wake poor helpless civilians, black and white, with no homes or food, and no means of obtaining such necessities.

Lincoln’s illegal invasion was for the purpose of forcing the South back into a union it had no desire to be a part of, just as the early colonists wanted no more to do with Great Britain. Lincoln could not bear to lose the massive revenues being sucked out of the South, which funded 85% of the federal revenues, but provided almost no benefit to the South. Lincoln’s illegal war was about money, power, and greed – not slavery. He cared not one thing for the black race. The huge centralized government we are shackled with today is a direct result of Lincoln and his socialist cohorts.

Instead of repeating the same, tired old lies about the Confederacy and what the war was about, try learning some actual facts about our history. Attached is a document to help you do just that.

Jeff Paulk

See also Answering the Myths--

[ Edited Mon Aug 15 2022, 06:51PM ]
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