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Sun Aug 21 2022, 11:46PM

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Jeff Paulk To:




Thu, Aug 18 at 3:02 PM

Dear Aaron Bowman and Randy White, 8/18/22

There has been $500,000 included in the proposed City of Jacksonville budget for the removal of a monument dedicated to the Women of the South. This cultural genocide against all things Southern and Confederate has to stop some place, and this is as good a place as any to make that happen. There should be no tax dollars used in the elimination of our heritage and monuments. That monument is not hurting anyone and there is no intelligent reason why it should not remain right where it has been for many years. Only those who are totally ignorant of our history have supported and participated in the removal and destruction of our monuments in recent years.

This particular monument honors the women who supported their loved ones who went to war, not for slavery, but to defend their homes and families from an illegal invasion of murderers, looters, arsonists and rapists. They endured unthinkable hardships during those years working their farms and trying to feed their children. Many of them lost all they had when the Yankees came through, waging total war upon old men, women, and children. Their homes, barns, and crops were burned. They were robbed of any valuables they may have possessed, and what farm animals weren’t stolen were killed by the Yankee invaders. How any true descendant of these Southerners can condone the removal of such monuments and approve of the destruction and erasure of our history is beyond comprehension.

The primary problem is that true history is not taught in our schools and universities, and hasn’t been for many decades, if it ever was. All we ever hear is how great Lincoln was, how he “saved the Union”, how he “freed the slaves”, and how evil the South was. This fabricated hogwash originated during Occupation (Reconstruction) when Northern school teachers were sent South to start the indoctrination process on Southern children. These children were told what “traitors” Southerners were for wanting to leave the Union and how evil the South was for having slavery. Somehow, the fact that New England Yankees were responsible for the slave trade, the fact that over 429,000 slaves were in the Union after the South seceded, the fact that the South was forking over 85% of the federal revenues (wealth redistribution), the fact that slavery was a dying institution and many had already been freed, and the fact that the Confederate Constitution outlawed the importation of slaves seems to have mysteriously escaped the curriculum of those wonderful and benevolent teachers who so sacrificially gave of themselves to “enlighten” the children of the South.

The reason we have had all of this cultural genocide is because most people are unaware of the truth and have swallowed the rewritten Marxist version for 160 years. So that more might become familiar with the truth, attached is a document debunking some of the common myths we hear concerning the War of Northern Aggression. I hope that it may be of use, and also that you will not permit this beautiful monument honoring our fine Southern women to be removed.


Jeff Paulk

See also answering the myths-- http://southernheritageadvancementpreservationeducation.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?2012005

[ Edited Sun Aug 21 2022, 11:54PM ]
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