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Lady Val
Sat Apr 25 2009, 10:06AM
Lady Val
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Philadelphia Press - April 25th, 1863
Army of the Potomac

Moseby and his gang are in the neighborhood of Warrenton.

Sergeant Ames, formerly of Co. L.N.Y. Fifth Cavalry was the scoundrel who deserted to Moseby’s gang of guerrillas and subsequently acted as their guide in their two raids into Fairfax. The sergeant who is called ‘Big Yankee’, was once deemed one of the best soldiers in the regiment. He once whipped three of Ashby’s cavalry, taking one of them prisoner.

While on a scouting expedition, they fired upon him from the edge of a wood, and after he had drawn their fire, he retreated. When they pursued him in the open field, he wheeled, and opened fire upon them, compelling two to flee, and one to surrender.

Captain Dye, commissary of the Third brigade, Stahl’s division, was so impressed with the efficiency of Ames that he made him a commissary and quartermaster sergeant. Soured by the promotion of others in his regiment, and poisoned by the promises of Moseby, he deserted to him, and became one of his best soldiers.

Moseby says that if all the Federal cavalry were like ‘Big Yankee’, they would conquer anything. Moseby’s gang have all the plunder they capture and Ames has sent word to his regiment by some returned prisoners, that he has ‘made’ five good horses since he joined Moseby.

Information reached here yesterday by a lady, a refugee, that this renegade now lies dangerously wounded in a house in Middleburg. If Colonel Deforest of the New York 5th Cavalry should capture the scoundrel he will have a prompt trial and a sudden execution.

1240653969 75 FT0 Ames Portrait
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Mon Apr 27 2009, 04:30PM
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Did they get Big Yankee??? Like any good story teller you leave us wanting more!!!!

GP Edited Mon Apr 27 2009, 04:31PM
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