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Sat Aug 29 2009, 02:23AM
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The United States War Department gives Grant the command of the yankees in southeastern Missouri and southern Illinois/1861
Fort Hatteras, at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, falls into yankee hands after a day and night of heavy bombardment in which Fort Hatteras sustains considerable damage. Although there are few casualties on both yankee and Patriot sides, the federal takeover of Cape Hatteras means the yankees can command Hatteras Inlet which is a great advantage in stopping the Blockade runners since the area is an important route used by the Patriots/1861
[CLERGY TRAP CAMPAIGN] Stonewall Jackson pounces on Rufus King's Division of McDowell's command on the turnpike toward Centreville, allowing Pope to see his position, and fights the Battle of Groveton, Virginia, one of the War's most obstinately contested fields. Both sides sustain a considerable number of casualties. Pope, believing Jackson is retreating toward the Valley, thinks he has intercepted Jackson's Retreat; and he orders his troops to Groveton to rout the Confederates. General Ewell is seriously wounded and loses his leg. Pope during the night withdraws to take "a position to cover Washington against Jackson's advance." In this withdrawal, he evacuates Fredericksburg, Virginia. R.H. Anderson commanding Longstreet's Corps reaches Thoroughfare Gap in the afternoon. Finding it in the possession of the enemy, he carries it by assault which slows his juncture with Jackson/1862
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