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Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education :: Forums :: General :: General Discussion
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Help fund my fight....donate now at: HTTPS://www.paypal.me/hkedgerton
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Author Post
Thu Apr 01 2021, 03:07PM

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Help fund my fight....donate now at: HTTPS://www.paypal.me/hkedgerton

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "HK Edgerton" Date: Mar 31, 2021 12:12 PM
Subject: An Open Letter & Report

Dear ------
On Tuesday evening, March 29, 2021, just as I have done for the past eight years prior to my planned sabbatical to Marion, Alabama where I will deliver the Keynote Speech for Confederate Memorial Day in the City Cemetery on April 25, 2021; I would make my way to the low country of South Carolina to speak to the black babies of my babies who are now grown.

Enclosed in this report are some of the questions they had prepared for me..... (Kendall) Mr. HK, why are people tearing down Confederate monuments; my dad told me that that they represent black soldiers and sailors who served in the Confederate arm forces?

I would answer, Kendall that there are those who desperately want to change the Constitutional Republic of America, and when they see that Memorial, it is a constant reminder of a brave American who stood against that same kind of act in the 19th century during the War For Southern Independence. And that they used the nefarious act done by Dylan Ruth, and the modus operandi of Nikki Haley as a spring board to champion the lawlessness that has now surfaced once again against the South and our heritage.

Young Ms Keeshaw would ask, what do you mean by lawlessness Mr. HK? In my home State baby, we have a Monument Protection Law that has become a joke to criminals in high and low places who vent destruction upon the Cenotaph's because they know there is no real judicial action going to be taken against them. For example, at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; the Cenotaph Silent Sam was torn down by two thugs, and the Circuit Court so ordered that it put back in 90 days. The Board of Governors put themselves and the University above the law by defying the Order. And perjured themselves even more by offering several millions of dollars to an arm of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to take Silent Sam, and never to put a Cenotaph of this kind in any city within the State where the University operates its schools.

A law suit would against that action prevail because the students and staff didn't want to give up the money, and the Board of Governors were forced by the court to take it back. The Court Order to put Silent Sam back still has been ignored. And to add insult of the felony; the thugs who were caught were given a 24 hour jail sentence because of the Prosecutors claim the Court had a back log of cases due to Covid 19. Pure Poppycock ! The Court has quit the Law.

In my home town of Asheville, North Carolina, Ester the Jewish Mayor disregarded the Monument Protection Law and illegally removed first the Cenotaph of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee. And feeling emboldened because of no consequences for her actions, formed a committee to study where to move the Crown Jewel of City Memorials, the Cenotaph of the most decorated citizen of the State, and highly loved War Between the States Governor and Confederate Colonel, "the Honorable Zebulon Baird Vance"whose family also carved out the land that formed the City of Asheville.

And to make matters worse this so called committee overstepped its charge by offering up to the black citizens reparations in order to gain their support for this unlawful act. Later on recognizing they had neither the means or will to deliver; they changed their mission to total demolition of the Cenotaph. It is important to note that several black Churches had earlier donated to the restoration and repair of the Cenotaph.

And not to forget the love and honor shown to Governor Vance by the Jewish people of the City, State and worldwide who saw him as their champion. And who said that they would never give a no vote of any kind against Vance.

It is very important to note that black folks just like during the period of Reconstruction are the only weapon of choice that can be used to justify these nefarious acts against our Southern family and arguably themselves and the Southern white man who since we entered these shores has offered upon the African people his Judeo-Christian charity to help move us toward social vertical mobility . Here in the 21st century my babies , I implore you to stand fast with him as we face together the most nefarious act of all ..."Southern social, cultural and political genocide.

After stuffing myself with chicken and catfish; my babies, their parents and members of their Church family would to my delight sing Dixie! God bless you !
Your brother,
Chairman of the Board of Advisors Emeritus of the Southern Legal Resource Center
Member of Save Southern Heritage
Confederate Legion Judah P. Benjamin Camp 2640 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member Augustus Jane Evans 2210 Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy
Honorary Life Member Ladies Memorial Association
North Carolina Heritage Preservation Association President
Honorary Life Member of the Texas and Kentucky Divisions of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member Jackson Rangers Camp 1917 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member of the North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia Orders of the Confederate Rose
President Southern Heritage 411

Help fund my fight....donate now at: HTTPS://www.paypal.me/ hkedgerton

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