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Company B, "Bogue Chitto Guards”, enlisted on April 27, 1861 at Bogue Chitto and was comprised of men from Lawrence and Pike County, Mississippi.
This company had one of the best records of the Seventh Regiment possibly due to the example of one man, Joseph A. J. Hart. Ole Uncle Joe Hart was a veteran of the War of 1812, being seventy years old when he enlisted as third corporal. He survived being captured and being wounded and was still ready to fight Yankees when the men he was with surrendered at Citronella, Alabama. A tribute is made to him in the History of Pike County.

Although according to Confederate Records, he never rose above the rank of sergeant, unofficially he was "cadet” of his sons, grandsons and other assorted relatives in the company.

One may wonder why a seventy year old man would join any army. A single man would never know why, a married man with children would have an idea but any grey haired grandparent would know. Joseph A. J. Hart wanted to be with his family, especially his grandsons, even if it meant a brush with death and all of the horrors of war.

One may wonder why a seventy year old man would join any army. A single man would never know why, a married man with children would have an idea but any grey haired grandparent would know. Joseph A. J. Hart wanted to be with his family, especially his grandsons, even if it meant a brush with death and all of the horrors of war.


Captain B. S. Carter — made drill master at Brookhaven
1st Lieut. Thomas Jefferson Conally — killed at Shiloh
2nd Lieut. Joseph R, J. Hart — resigned April 30, 1862
3rd Lieut. G. A. Bilbo — apparently transferred
1st Sgt. C. M. Bisbee — became commissary captain
2nd Sgt. Britton Hail — not re—elected; May 1862
3rd Sgt. Stephen Sasser — discharged for general disability
4th Sgt. H. L. Hart — killed at Chickamauga
5th Sgt. J. Milton Brister — killed at Chattanooga
1st Corp. James 14. Parnell — became a nurse; surrendered at Meridian
2nd Corp. John G Hart — discharged due to disability
3rd Corp. Joseph A. J. Hart (our hero) 4th Corp. James Sasser — wounded at Shiloh; wounded in Georgia

Allbritton, Henry H. — died at Rome, Ga. of disease
Allbritton, John N. -. died at Atlanta of disease
Allbritton, Richard R. — captured at Kennesaw Mountain
Bewett, Joseph — missing at Atlanta
Blunt, A. N. — died at Tupelo
Bowman, William — severely wounded in Kentucky
Brister, John — died of wounds in Georgia
Brown, Joseph 0. — captured at Resaca, Ga.
Brown, R. M. — discharged due to pneumonia and bronchitis
Buett, Thomas Jefferson — killed at Shiloh
Burns, F. M. — died of pneumonia
Carter, R. L. — discharged for dyspepsia of nine months
Carter, Tarrant — wounded at Shiloh; joined the cavalry
Chandler, James C. — detailed as nurse in Ga.
Chandler, Thomas J. — supposed to have joined another company
Coke, N. H. — discharged as under age and a British subject
Connally, George N. — transferred to Co. H; transferred to 3rd Engineers
Cooke, Thomas D. — discharged
Coon, J. J. — present on last roll (probably killed at Nashville)
Coon, Samuel — captured at Nashville
Courtney, Benjamin F. — present on last roll August 1864
Crosby, Thomas Jefferson — present on last roll
Fowlkes, Henry H. — captured at Nashville
Gibson, M. M. — died of measles
Gibson, P. L. — discharged for disability
Gill, John A. — died of disease
Gill, John J. — discharged for disability
Gill, S. H. — transferred to 3rd Engineers
Gwin, John — was sick in hospital at Ocean Springs, Ms
Gwin, Leonidas M. — died of pneumonia
Gwin, William J. - died of pneumonia
Hall, Thomas J. — present on last roll
Hampton, Jasper — in hospital in Ga. Nov. 1864
Hart, James L. — discharged due to defective vision
Hart, Judge A. — died of pneumonia; son of Joseph A J Hart.
Hart, James Monroe — surrendered in N. C.
Herrington, H. F. N. — sent to hospital at Oxford, Ms
Herrington, James L - sent to hospital Columbus
Hodges, James M. — captured in Ga.
Hodges, John C. — wounded at Atlanta
Hollensworth, Elias — killed at Atlanta
*Hovey, J. G. — captured at Citronelle; From St. Louis, Mo.
Howell, James H. — discharged; disabled
Hurt, John — disabled
Jenkins, Frederick B. — wounded at Shiloh; missing at Atlanta
Jenkins, John R. — wounded at Murphreesboro; killed at Atlanta
John, William — one statement only — (possibly William Johnston)
Johnson, George B. — discharged for dyspepsia
Johnson, N. B. — present on last roll
Johnston, William — present on last roll
Kayzar, James W. — captured at Nashville
Kenneally, James — hospital in Ga.
Martin, James M. — discharged for disability
Mayer, J. A. — assigned as 2nd Lieutenant for two months
Middleton, H T — probably joined another company
Moak, Joseph S. -. died of wounds received at Chickamauga
Moak, Thomas A. — wounded at Shiloh; lost leg at Atlanta
Moak, William A. — died of disease-
Moak, William H. — surrendered at High Point, N. C.
Netherland, Samuel — discharged for disease
Newman, Jasper — transferred to “Stevens Rifles”
Prestridge, Wiley F. — surrendered at Citronelle
Prestridge, Zachariah — sent to hospital in Ga.
Price, Henry H. — Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; died of wounds at Atlanta
Price, Zachariah Monroe - killed at Shiloh
Rawls, Jesse — sent to hospital in Ca.
*Reeves, John M. — captured at Nashville
Richardson, Martin Van Buren — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
Sasser, Daniel V. — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
Sasser, Joseph — discharged for frequent convulsions and asthma
Sasser, William — sixteen year old discharged for deformity of breast
Schartz, Jacob - discharged for disability
Shivers, German A. - deserted and joined the 34th Kentucky, USA
Slaven, John N. — discharged for wounds received at Shiloh
Smith, Samuel — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
Spencer, James M. — wounded at Murfreesboro and joined the cavalry
Tarver, Thomas B. — received a medical certificate at Rome, Ga.
Terrell, Foster — transferred to the 9th Sharpshooters
Terrell, Martin — discharged for poor health
Trantham, Daniel — discharged at Pass Christian, Ms
Turner, Francis — joined “Stevens Rifles”
Wallace, Zachariah — discharged for heart disease
*White, Joseph — captured and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio
Williams, J. B. — discharged as under age
Williams, Zachariah — discharged as under age
Wilson, Robert — sent to medical board in Ga.

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