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Company C, “Amite Rifles” enlisted at liberty, Ms by Colonel Carnot on April 29, 1861 and mustered into Confederate service on September 28, 1861 at Bay St. Louis, Ms by Lieutenant Carlton Hunt of the Louisiana Artillery. From the names of the men, it appears that they were mainly from the western part of Amite County around the Crosby, Gloster and Centreville area.


Captain Benjamin F. Johns — promoted to Major and Lieutenant Colonel; wounded at Nashville (born 9 Mar 1831 in Amite Cc. and died 31 Dec 1907 at Gloster, Ms. He was educated as a lawyer at Drenmon Springs, Ky.)
1st Lieut. Russell R. McDowell - promoted to captain; killed at Murfreesboro
2nd Lieut. James B. Bates — not re-elected
3rd Lieut. Robert J. Pemble — promoted to captain; resigned due to double hernia 1863
1st Sgt. Edward B. Carruth - wounded and captured at Shiloh; commissary captain
2nd Sgt. John L. McGehee — promoted to captain; on last roll
3rd Sgt. Aaron F. Strawn - discharged 1862
4th Sgt. Peter Ratcliff — not mustered
5th Sgt. David P. Cox — discharged for emphysema; 1st Lieut. Co. F “Powers Cavalry”
1st Corp. Henry K. Bates — to 2nd Lieut.; in hospital Sept. 18, 1864
2nd Corp. George T. Lumpkin — discharged Feb. 1862
3rd Corp. Floyd W. Stratton — discharged 1862
4th Corp. Thomas J. Butler - died of Chickamauga wounds

A. S. Anders — to hospital Aug. 18, 1864
D. F. Anders — wounded at Murfreesboro and Atlanta; killed at Nashville
John C. Anders - died in Ga.; resident of Union, Jackson Parish, La.
Richard W. Anders - not mustered
John Arnold — not mustered
James R. Aumock — surrendered in N. C.; pension in Amite County 1911
Horatio A. Avery - not mustered
Burton S. Bates — died of Shiloh wounds and Yankee prison
J. W. Beall - discharged as under age
K. C. Beall - died of wounds at Murfreesboro
David Beer - discharged Feb. 1863; born Bavaria Germany
William Belding — not mustered
Daniel E. B. Boatner — on last roll Aug 1864
John Bomiller — not mustered “dead”
M. N. Bond - not mustered
John K. Bonds - not mustered
Pascal B. Bonds — discharged to loss of one eye and defective vision in other
*Joseph Bowden — death certificate Jan 1864
David C. Bramblet — discharged for Murfreesboro wounds
E. L. Bramblet — granted a leave Mar. 7, 1865 for illness
F. P. Bramblet - from Co. E 18th Miss., paroled in Ala; from Lauderdale Co. Ms.
Thomas J. Burris — from Co. K 33rd Miss; died of Chickamauga wounds
M. E. Burris — died at Chattanooga; born in Amite Co.
W. A. Burris — wounded at Chattanooga; to hospital
William Butler — surrendered in N. C.
Young P. Butler — died in Oxford of fever
H. H. Cain — died in Amite Co. in 1863
J. J. Cain — died in Amite Co. in 1864
Alexander M. Campbell — became chief musician; discharged; a school teacher from Clark Co. Ky.
James B. Carruth, Jr. — died soon after being discharged; born in Pike Co.
Edward N. Caston — on last roll Aug 1864
Gabriel G. Caston — was a musician; killed at Chickamauga
M. W. Caston — discharged as over or under age
Robert M. Causey - wounded at Atlanta; wounded leave
Walter S. Causey — discharged for disease of lungs
Richard H. Chaddick — wounded and received Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; on last roll
Samuel J. Cobb — not mustered
Thomas J. Cobb — not mustered
Iverson Cockerham — died of measles at Ocean Springs, Ms
Orlando L. Collins - discharged for disability; enlisted in 27th Louisiana
James H. Colston — not mustered
John Henry Cocoran — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters; to 18th Miss Cavalry
John N. Cotton — disability discharge
William A. Cotton, Jr. — wounded Murfreesboro and Chattanooga; on last roll
William J. Courtney - wounded July 28, 1864 at Atlanta
Franklin W. Cox — died of wounds at Mumfordville, KY
J G. Cox — not mustered
William H. Cox — discharged as corporal; a school teacher
Velasco Cunningham — absent without leave; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
John W. Day — to Co. K 7th Miss
William H. Day — to Co. K 7th Miss
Herman Delamater - not mustered
David W. Dies — not mustered
Jones H. Dixon — became 1st Sgt.; wounded at Atlanta
John Drummond — discharged for disability; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
E. H. Duchr - not mustered
Jackson H. Duff — captured in Ky. and exchanged; captured at Nashville
Dillingham M. Dunn - not mustered
E. T. Dunn — wounded and captured in Ky.; exchanged; wounded at Atlanta
John C. Dunn — not mustered
Duncan M. Dye — not mustered
Thomas M. Eubanks — wounded at Shiloh; discharged; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
W. Everett ( believed he joined the cavalry)
Z. L Everett wounded in thigh at Chickamauga resided at Magnolia, Ms.
H. M. Faust — surrendered in N. C.
E. J. Forman—at various hospitals as butcher and nurse
Richard P. Freeman discharged, died 1873 Amite Co.
Nathaniel Garrow - on last roll Aug 1864
Peter Goldstein — discharged 1662; born in Russia; merchant
Ferdinand L. Griffin -. wounded Mumfordville; captured in Ky; discharged; school teacher
Jackson Harkness — apparent discharge; joined Co. K 33rd Miss
James A. Haygood — captured at Jonesboro, Ga. and died in prison
Stephen H. Haygood — died 1864/5
Frank Hennegan — not mustered
William Oliver Hughey - captured Missionary Ridge and exchanged; surrendered N. C.
Penneo Hurd — became Sgt. Major; wounded at Chickamauga; unfit for duty
Willis G. Jackson - died of Murfreesboro wounds
Henry C. Jenkins - not mustered
Thomas D. Jenkins — died in Amite Co. of disease
G. Johns — not mustered
John R. Johns — discharge 1861; joined Co. A 24th Miss Cavalry
Thomas W. Johns — on last roll Aug 1864
William F. Johns — not mustered; joined Co. K 33rd Regt.
*Daniel C. Jones - Co. C 7th Miss Battalion; resident Shubuta, Ms
Robert Keith — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters; lived to be an old man
Cyrus Knapp — not mustered
George Sylvester Lea - wounded at Murfreesboro; killed at Franklin
*John R. Jones — discharged for sickness, enlisted in Co. A 24th Cavalry
W. C. Little - killed at Mumfordville, Ky.
Thomas H. Lusk — not mustered
Robert B. Lowry — discharged 1862; re—enlisted in Co. K 33rd Miss
Francis C. Maxwell — discharged Oct. 1861
James McClendon — transferred to Sharpshooters
Jesse M. McClendon — wounded and captured at Murfreesboro; paroled
Napoleon Bonaparte McCoy — died at Oxford of disease
W. W. McDowell — wounded at Murfreesboro; furloughed
A.H. McNight — died 14 April 1862 at Osyka; was seventeen
Nolan Mclean - not mustered
Frederick Michael — deserted May 27, 1862
C. L. Mixon - wounded at Chickamauga; captured Dec. 6, 1864 in 2nd Miss Cavalry
John Montgomery — not mustered
James A. Moore — died of pneumonia in TN
Samuel B. Moore - died May 1863 as 2nd Sgt.
W. F. Moore - wounded at Shiloh and died of wounds
W. W. Moore — became assistant surgeon; captured Murfreesboro
William F. Neil — not mustered
David. W. Neilson — died at Liberty of “camp fever”
LaFayette G. Neyland — discharged Jan 1862
David Nunnery — surrendered in N. C.
Henry- Nunnery — discharged July 1862; Co. I 4th Miss; Hancock Co. Ala
John Nunnery - surrendered in N. C.
Reuben Nunnery — wounded Murfreesboro; on last roll
Samuel Nunnery — wounded Murfreesboro; surrendered in N. C.
William J. Nunnery - Lt. Col. Johns proposed Sgt. Nunnery for ensign on March 28, 1864. "He has 1ong and gallantly borne the colors of his command, he was wounded at Chickamauga while nobly bearing them to the front”; killed as ensign at Atlanta
*John. Overstreet — captured at Marietta, Ga.; died in prison
George M. Page - surrendered in N. C.
J. S. Perkins — captured at Jonesboro, Ga. and exchanged; “died”
F. J. Pugh - captured at Shiloh
H. H. Ratcliff — discharged July 1862; a lawyer
William H. Ratcliff- died of wounds at Mumfordville, Ky.
*A. M. Reay - captured at Gettysburg
S.S. Reeves — discharged for hepatitis; a doctor born in Columbus, Ga.
Thomas Reid/Reed — discharged for varicose veins; born Antrim, Ireland
Littleton P. Reynolds — discharged by conscript act — over age
Thomas F. Reynolds — killed at Shiloh; son of Littleton P. Reynolds
H. J Roberts — not mustered
John F. Roberts — wounded at Shiloh; captured at Missionary Ridge
T. G. Roberts — discharged; joined Powers Cavalry
William F. Roberts - not mustered
Henry C. Rogers — not mustered
Abraham Scherk — discharged for lung disease; born in Poland
Benjamin Schwartz — captured in Ky. and paroled
Ewing Seale - on early rolls; captured in Ala.
H. S. Sharpe — not mustered
William H. H. Shaw - not mustered
Lewis Sly - not mustered
Cicero C. Smith — on last roll Aug 1864
James H. Smith — not mustered
James M. Smith — not mustered
Floyd W. Stratton - discharged Aug 1862; enlisted Co. B 33 Ky., CSA; born Nelson Co. Va.
Aaron F. Strawn — illness discharge
E. LaFayette Swearingen — went home in 1864
Elisha L. Tarver - not mustered
Michael Tarver — not mustered
John M. Thompson — discharged 1862; Co. K 33rd Miss
Thomas C. Toler - wounded at Murfreesboro and died
W. Frank Toler — surrendered in N. C. His servant, Ben Faust, drew a pension
Nicholas A. Travis — surrendered in N. C.
Garnett B. Van Norman — fifty days leave on Feb. 28, 1865 due to gun shot wound
Samuel T. Van Norman — surrendered in N. C. as 1st Sgt.
S. B. Wade — captured at Iuka, Ms and paroled
Charles V. Wall — died of Murfreesboro wounds
Henry I. Washburn - discharged in early 1862
A. J. Webb — died in Union hands of Murfreesboro wounds
Sampson C. Webb — promoted to 1st Lieut.; wounded in Ky. and resigned for illness
William H. Webb —transferred to Co. K 33rd Miss
Garnett B. Whittington - wounded Murfreesboro; Chickamauga and in Ga.
Napoleon C. Whittington — His widow on her pension application wrote that his clothes were riddled at Shiloh, he was wounded in the leg at Murfreesboro and was seriously wounded at Chickamauga in the shoulder and hand becoming permanently disable. He was in one or two other engagements of lesser importance. He was the son of William Whittington. He married Anna Robertson in 1869 and moved to Gloster.
Benjamin F. Wilkinson - transferred to Sharpshooters
Jefferson W. Wilkinson — killed at Shiloh
James M. Wilson — died at Corinth of pneumonia
Joseph T. Wilson - not mustered
*Isaac Winter — captured Shelbyville, TN; resident of Coosa, Ala William W. Wood - not mustered
Richard S. Reynolds — died in Amite Co. of diarrhea

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