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Mon Jan 30 2023, 05:03AM Quote

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Company D, 7th Mississippi (Jeff Davis Sharpshooters) enlisted by Captain Hamilton Mayson on 12 April 1861 and later on 4 May 1861 at Columbia, Marion Co. Ms. Two of the several companies organized in Marion Co., Co D and F were a part of the Seventh Regiment. Many of the men in these two companies were related. Many of these men signed up for one company but changed their mind arid went with another company.


Captain Hamilton Mayson — promoted to Colonel; discharged May 1862
1st Lieut. Henry Pope — promoted to Major; on last roll Aug. 1864
2nd Lieut. Franklin W, Foxworth — did not leave with the company
3rd Lieut. Arthur T. Watts — did not leave with the company
1st Sgt. John Pittman — discharged for disease of the lungs
2nd Sgt. Daniel P. Barnes — did not leave with the company
3rd Sgt. Samuel Welch — did not leave with the company
4th Sgt. James E. Brakefield - discharged at Tupelo, Ms
5th Sgt. Samuel B. Rankin — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded at Atlanta
1st Corp. George W. Foxworth — did not leave with the company
2nd Corp. William L. Robertson — died of typhoid pneumonia
3rd Corp. Thomas P. Holloway -. did not leave with the company
4th Corp. Berry Pt Garner — on last roll Aug. 1864

John Anthony — wounded at Shiloh; discharged 1 Oct 1862 as under age
Joseph Anthony — discharged Oct. 1862, fifty four years; b Natchitoches, La.
Elisha Applewhite — wounded 28 July 1864; to hospital
F. Barnes — discharged at Bay St. Louis, Ms
John R. Barnes - discharged as under age; joined Co. 31 ‘7th Regiment later
Thomas Barnes — discharged 3 Apr 1863
James A. Barnett - apparently left with another company
James B. Barnett — shown on leave when the company left
Joseph Baxter - disability discharge Oct. 1861
Gabriel F. Blackburn -. apparently left with another company
Irwin Blackburn — apparently left with another company
Madison Brakefield — captured in Kentucky exchanged; wounded in TN
Walter A. Brakefield — wounded at Shiloh; died in the hands of the enemy
H. W. Branch — died at Hazlehurst, son of John Branch
Jesse Branch — killed at Shiloh
John C. Bryant - surrendered as 2nd Sgt. in N. C.
L. F. Bryant — single card, sick Nov—Dec 1861; see T. S. Bryant
T. S Bryant — died at Guntown, Ms of typhoid
William S. Buchanan — discharged as under age; re—enlisted; wounded at Atlanta born Abbeville, S. C.
Thomas J. Bullock — never mustered
William Burke - one card, see William Burkett
William Burkett — surrendered in N. C.
Alfred Burrow — discharged at Tupelo, Ms
Elijah Burt — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded at Resaca
D. Burt - one card, sick at Okolona 28 May 1862
Benjamin F. Campbell — captured at Marietta, Ga.; from Lawrence Co. Ms
F. N. Campbell — missing 9 July 1864
Stephen Connerly — died at Covington, Ga.
Abishaba Cook -wounded at Murfreesboro; surrendered in N. C.
Benjamin Cook — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded at Atlanta; to hospital
Benjamin F. Cooper — wounded at Shiloh; discharged 28 Nov 1862
Isaiah Creel - did not leave with the company
Jeptha C. Creel — Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; wounded Murfreesboro; killed at Atlanta
R. G. Crow — recruit 1 Dec 1863; deserted 21 May 1864
Nathaniel Davis — not mustered
Seaborn Davis — discharged and re—enlisted in Co. F
H. Egan — single card — sick Nov 1861
James T. Evans — died of measles at Bay St. Louis, Ms
Thomas A. Evans — transferred to Sharpshooters; captured at Dalton, Ga.
Alfred A. Farr — captured at Shiloh and exchanged; captured at Missionary Ridge
Jeptha N. Forbes — transferred to Co. F; Oklahoma pension in 1915
William M. Forbes — on leave in Oct. 1861
Felix Fletcher Ford — died at Brookhaven of typhoid
Solomon Harrison Ford — discharged Oct 1862
William J. Ford - discharged; nineteen year old club foot
William J. Fortenberry — died of typhoid 10 Apr 1862
James T. Foster — prior service 2nd Miss; wounded at Atlanta; to hospital
Jobe N. Foxworth — to ~d Lieut.; not re—elected
Giles Gates — wounded Murfreesboro; -wounded Chickamauga; to various hospitals
Isham Gates — on last roll Aug. 1864.
William L. Gill — recruited but joined the 24th Miss
Benjamin Goodman — did not return from sick leave; born in Germany
Henry H. Hammond — lost his gun at Shiloh; died of wounds received at Resaca
John H. Hammond — died of measles at Bay St. Louis, Ms
John Hand — never mustered
James Hardy — missing at Missionary Ridge
John W Hickenbottom - wounded at Shiloh; wounded Chickamauga; captured at Nashville
William A. Hickenbottom — Hazlehurst hospital; joined the Cavalry
Elijah B. M. Hillhouse — recruit captured in Ga; from Calhoun Co. Ms
Fielding H. Holloway — not mustered
Thomas G. Holmes — discharged at Lauderdale Springs, Ms
William Jackson — on last roll Aug. 1864; born in New Orleans, La.
George W. Johnson — left with a company for Virginia
Pleasant 0. Jones — died of wounds in Federal hands at Murfreesboro, TN
James H. Jordan — from Co. F; killed at Chickamauga
S. M. Kemp — discharged as forty six years old; born Gwinnett Co. Ga
Martin Silas D. Lewis - discharged and re-enlisted; wounded in thigh in Ga.
John Little — wounded at Shiloh; captured at Egypt Station, Ms
Thomas Lofton — wounded at Atlanta; to hospital
William H. Luper — wounded at Chattanooga; to hospital
Jesse W. Lott — received a leave and joined the 27th Miss
Nathan A. Lott — not mustered; believed the Lott’s were sons of Abe Lott of Covington Co.
Reuben W. Lott— killed at Murfreesboro in the first charge John W. Lowe — not mustered
John Mason — on last roll Aug. 1864
Thomas J. McKenzie — wounded Murfreesboro; on last roll Aug 1864
Peter McQuade — discharged for varicose veins and dropsy; born in Ireland
John Miles — died of typhoid 7 Dec 1861
P. J. Miller — captured at Corinth, Ms
John Mitchell — discharged for disability
Olander A. Mitchell — discharged for tuberculosis, born in Hancock Co. Ms
Ebenezer Moody - not mustered
Hezekiah Moody — discharged for disability
Solomon Moody — died in Marion Co. Ms of measles
Zebedee F. M. Morris — died at Oxford, Ms -
Josiah B. Newman — not mustered
Robert Norton — died 8 Aug 1863
John G. Purvis — present on the June 1864 roll
Andrew J. Pickens - never reported at Bay St. Louis, Ms; born in Jones Co. Ms
Allen B. Pope — wounded at Murfreesboro; captured in Kentucky; on last roll Aug 1864
Dickerson R. Pope — not mustered
Willis S. Pope — killed or died in late 1864 or early 1865
Albert Powell — transferred to Sharpshooters
Edward N. Powell - on last roll Aug 1864
James E. Powell — killed at Murfreesboro, Tn
Thomas Powell — on last roll Aug 1864
Edward Rankin - not mustered
George F. Rankin — not mustered
William J. Rankin, Jr. — killed at Shiloh
Rufus B. Reagen — discharged for lung trouble
Jethro Robbans — discharged due to hernia
James H/W. Rogers — transferred to Sharpshooters
G. W. Rollins — wounded and captured at Shiloh; died in Union hospital
Henry P. Scarborough - wounded at Shiloh; on last roll Aug 1864
Samuel Screws — on last roll Aug 1864
John M. Sims — promoted to 3rd Lieut.; not reelected; surrendered in N. C.
George W. Slade - discharged for disability
Hezekiah Slade -. died in Chattanooga
Samuel Slade — transferred to Sharpshooters
Duncan Smith — died of typhoid at Corinth, Ms (possible Shiloh wound)
Frances M. Smith — on last roll Aug 1864
*J. D. Smith - captured at Selma, Ala.
*Charles Sterling - paroled in N. C.
*John Sterling — captured at Missionary Ridge
William C. Stewart - on last roll Aug 1864
*J. S. H. Tate — a sergeant captured at Selma, Ala.
James B. Tatum - from company F; on last roll Aug 1864
Jacob Temples — discharged
John R. Temples — apparently discharged Dec 1861
William J. Temples — died at Okolona, Ms
John Thompson — to 3rd Lieut; on last roll Aug 1864
Wade H. Thornhill - died of typhoid (probable Shiloh wound); mother was Mary Thornhill
E. L. Walker — missing in action at Atlanta
William Warren, Jr. - wounded 28 Aug 1864
Henry W. Webb - killed at Murfreesboro, Tn
William T. Webb — became captain; received a leave in 1864
Thomas Whittom - wounded at Chickamauga and Atlanta; captured at Nashville

Due to death from measles, typhoid fever, the Battle of Shiloh and the Kentucky campaign, the two Marion Co. companies i.e. Co. D and F were consolidated 26 Dec 1862.

*indicated someone whom we feel was not a member of the 7th Mississippi but the person named is
found on the microfilm records of the unit.

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Sun Jul 02 2023, 02:49AM Quote

Registered Member #1
Joined: Tue Jul 17 2007, 02:46PM
Posts: 4074
If you have anything to add to the men of Co. D, or any other Company email George Purvis at george8576©att.net

2005 GP email no good 11-10-2013
Blackburn, Gabriel F. 34, apparently left with another company; [With regiment in Henderson, TN Mar. 1862 (JFDiary, p. 137)] (Married Elizabeth L. Warren) (descendant, Mary Fisher –Blackburn is buried in Hibbitt Cemetery Cooke County, TX)
Blackburn, Irwin 20, apparently left with another company. (Irvin Armstrong Blackburn 38th Regt. Miss. Inf. per descendant, Mary Fisher)
New Email 2013 Celeste Young
Elisha Burt
Email from Celeste Young msgsyoung©msn.com 12/3/2003 9:35:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
(This is only a portion of the entire email GLP)
Married Amanda Julie "Jane" McGrew in Perry County December 1865. (Irvin and Alexander W. Stringer of Co. G were brothers-in-law after the war. AWS married Amanda F. Blackburn, younger sister of Irvin A.)
I want to share a story about a fellow from the 7th.  PVT Elisha Burt, Co D (Jeff Davis Sharpshooters) wounded at Murfreesboro and Resaca. (This is family lore).  He is buried at Bay Creek Cemetery in Lamar County.  He was born August 1820 and died 28 April 1912.  His cemetery marker says "Elijah", but it is Elisha.  He is the son of Christopher Burt buried in the Burt Cemetery in Marion County.  I know you have seen it.  Its the one on Hwy 98 East on the left as you go toward Columbia....on a hill, small with a Confederate flag flying.  Anyway, Elisha was the best friend of Ransom Fillingame of the Columbia Guards (spelled Fullighim on the roster I think).  Ransom was married to Caroline Whiddon (daughter of John Whiddon and niece of my Elias and Bennett).  Anyway, he (Elisha Burt) knew that Ransom had been killed at Summit and when he went home to recover from his wounds he went to see Caroline to tell her about her husband's death.  While she was nursing him back to health, they fell in love and married.(Caroline Whiddon Fillingame) She is buried in the Grantham Cemetery and according to his great-great grandson the family, because of distance, could not afford to have him buried beside his wife. 

Abissa Cook
Email from Larry Cook @ ljcook1©bellsouth.net 11/14/2005 10:22:59 AM Central Standard Time
Jeptha C. or Jefferson Jeptha Cook date of death July 24, 1864 Ezra Church was July 28, 1864
Source: Paul E. Platt pep©platt.org

Riley G. Crow Co. D

Pam Lain email no good 11-10-2013

Alfred Farr
Rootsweb -
Note: Susan Stuart married first Alfred A. Farr who enlisted in the Confederate Army on 10-5-1861 at the age of 16. He was the owner, with his widowed mother, of the big Farr Plantation on Pearl River, five miles west of Picayune. They owned many hundreds of acres of land, thousands of cows and sheep and many slaves. When he enlisted in Captain Henry Pope's Company of Jeff Davis Sharpshooters, 7th Regiment of Mississippi Volunteers, he was a man of great wealth. He was captured 11-25-1865 [1863] at Rock Island, Illinois. Imprisonment and a Starvation diet had undermined his health. He was almost a skeleton when he arrived home, walking, ragged, lousy, and barefoot. He found that his mother had died while he was gone, the slaves had all been freed, his cattle and sheep stolen or had strayed off, his once beautiful and productive plantation deserted and grown up in weeds and all his fences burned. He lived for some time with a neighbor, James Stuart and on October 15, 1867, he married Susan the daughter of James Stuart. He died at the age of 36 and Susan remarried John Wesley Dees.

Soloman Harrison Ford
Submitted by Sandra Shields Cook email no good 11-10-2013

PBFURR @aol.com Patsy B Furr Ridgeland, MS

Job Foxworth relative
Gill, William L.-- recruited but joined the 24th Miss.
Pvt. Co. H, 24th Miss.
Gills Co. A 7th Miss.
Gill, John A. died of disease pneumonia 8-29-62
Gill, John J. discharged for disability 11-16-61
Gill, S. H. Transferred to 3rd Engineers
Gill, T. H. (See S.H. Gill)

Johnson , George W. 23, left with a Co. for VA. To many G.W or George W. Johnsons to determine what other unit he may have served in.(GLP)
George Washington JOHNSON Birth: May 11, 1837 Death: Dec 23, 1911, Pike Co. Miss. Burial: Johnson's Chapel, Pike, Ms Father: George W. JOHNSON JOHNSTON Mother: Sarah BARRON
Marriage(s): Spouse: Mary Ann DICKERSON (AFN: 186L-907) Family
Spouse: Allie ALLEN
Spouse: Elizabeth WALLACE
Spouse: Catherine BIGNER

CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE or TERRITORY: MS COUNTY: Pike DIVISION: The 4th Police District REEL NO: M432-380 PAGE NO: 40B

26 535 536 Johnson George Sr. 52 M None S. Carolina
REMARKS: Blind & Pauper
27 535 536 Johnson Sarah 39 F Kentucky
28 535 536 Johnson Margaret 20 F Mississippi
29 535 536 Johnson James A. 18 M Farm hand Mississippi
30 535 536 Johnson Frances E. 16 F Mississippi
31 535 536 Johnson George Jr. 13 M Mississippi
32 535 536 Johnson Nathaniel B. 8 M Mississippi
33 535 536 Johnson William H. H. 7 M Mississippi
34 535 536 Johnson John W. 5 M Mississippi
35 535 536 Johnson Robert A. 2 M Mississippi

Pull Little, John 30, -- WIA Shiloh, On last roll 8/1864. captured at Eqypt Station, MS.,
The men captured at Ecypy Satation in 1865 were men who had been left behind when Hood left Atlanta and were part of a corps. of men without a command. They fought along the Mobile & Ohio; Ed Riley’s Co. A 39th Miss. letters describe the action. RJS 2013

Lott, Nathan A. 24, not mustered, believed son of Abe Lott of Covington Co.
Email From Mitch Sanders Mitchangelia 2/8/2006 9:03:42 PM Central Standard Time
I don't have a quick answer, this may take more studying. I'm inclined to believe our Nathan A. Lott was son of Solomon and Martha (Warren) Lott.
He is listed in his mother's household as age 23 in 1860 Marion County.
There is also another Nathan Lott (age 34) in 1860 Marion County along with his wife Eliza (age 32).
Would you check with Jim Huffman for a pension lookup for this man and his wife?
Check out this excerpt from this site.
 Children of Joshua5 Lott and Rosanna Barnes were as follows:

288. i. William6 Lott; born circa 1832 MS; died between 1861 and 1865 Frankln, TN (Lott, Web of Kinship, p 8, said killed at Franklin, TN, as a member of Co. B, 7th Miss Inf.).
He appeared on the census of 1850 (Marion Co., MS 1850 (p 194). Wm. age 18 b MS).

In a message dated 2/8/2006 7:43:28 P.M. Central Standard Time, Gpthelastrebel writes:
need an opinion on these census records.  According to Hadskey, Nathan A. lottmay be the son of Abe Lott of Covington Co. I found this:
4   166  166 LOTT           Absolem        50   M         Farmer         100       GA                            X
5   166  166 LOTT           Sarah          43   F                                  GA
6   166  166 LOTT           Calvin         20   M         Student                  MS                      X
7   166  166 LOTT           George         16   M         Farmer                   MS
8   166  166 LOTT           Harmon         14   M                                  MS
9   166  166 LOTT           Reuben         10   M                                  MS
10  166  166 LOTT           Absolem        6    M                                  MS
11  166  166 LOTT           Jane           1    F                                  MS
 According to information sent by ron N. A. lott would be 14 years old in 1850. If that is true he is not listed in this household.
In the Marion Co census I find this
 9   237  238 Lott           Martha         44   F                        2,500     Ga
10  237  238 Owens          Sarah A.       26   F                                  Mis
11  237  238 Lott           Cimon          19   M         School Teacher           Mis
12  237  238 Lott           N.             13   M                                  Mis                     X
13  237  238 Lott           Thos.          6    M                                  Mis                     X
14  237  238 Owens          Lol. L.        2    M                                  Mis
15  237  238 Owens          Susan          9/12 F                                  Mis
16  237  238 Berry          Jas.           52   M         Laborer                  Unknown
I compared it to this, what do you think?
 Nathan Arthur LOTT
Birth: 17 Dec 1837 , Marion, Ms
Death: 26 Apr 1920 , Marion, Ms
Father: Solomon LOTT
Mother: Martha WARREN
Father: Nathan LOTT
Mother: Martha Patsy FULGRAM

Marriage(s): Spouse: Mary Elizabeth BALL
Marriage: 1876 Covington, , La

Coonerly, Conerly and Connelly

Conerly, Stephen Also Connerly and Connelly Brother of Jackson Conerly, Co. F.
Contacted 11-10-2013
“From: "Ted, Kay and Adam Conerly" <[email protected]&g... [Add to Address Book]
To: rskellie©mindspring.com
Subject: Stephen Conerly aka Connerly aka Connelly
Date: Jul 25, 2008 7:00 PM
Hello, Mr. Skellie.  My name is Ted Conerly, and I'd like to thank you for making so much information available about the 7th Miss Inf over the web.  Largely due to your work I was able to recently locate and even visit the burial place of my Great Great Grandfather Stephen Conerly in the Confederate Cemetery located within the Covington City Cemetery, Covington, Ga.  The Conerly name is often spelled "Connerly", and folks often spell it "Connelly" or "Connally" if they just hear the name spoken and don't know differently.  That is in fact the case with Stephen Conerly.  His name appears in the official records as Conerly, Connerly, and also Connelly, and this last spelling is even the name he was buried under.  The headstone shows "S. Connelly", 7th Miss Inf.  Anyway, I was able to kneel at the gravesite and pray over his grave because of you, and I appreciate that very much.  Our branch of the family spells it "Conerly", and has for many years spelled it that way. Strangers usually attempt to spell the name "Connerly" unless we correct them.
 The "Jackson Conerly" who appears on your roster page for the 7th Miss Inf is Stephen's younger half-brother.  They had the same father, William Connerly, a veteran of the War of 1812.
 I was hoping to ask you to please add Stephen Conerly's (aka Connerly, Connelly) to the roster page under Company D.   According to the records, this is the company in which he served, although he did not join the regiment until some time in 1863 (I do not recall the month without looking it up, but I believe his month of enlistment was September.  I can check the muster roll copies I have if you want to know).  He died of disease (which disease the records don't say) in July 1864 at the Hill Hospital in Covington, Newton County, Ga.  Anyway, that would be appreciated very much.
 Many other Conerlys from Pike and Marion County, Miss. fought for the South, including Stephen's cousins Owen Lewis Conerly, Ensign of the 33rd Miss who was killed in front of the breastworks at Franklin,  Luke Ward Conerly, SGt 16th Miss Inf twice wounded in action and surrendered at Appomattox, and Buxton Conerly, one of the few surviving defenders of Ft. Gregg.  Jackson Conerly of the 7th Miss was wounded at Murfreesboro and subsequently discharged.  All were descended from Revolutionary War soldier Cullen Connerly of North Carolina. 
 Thanks again for your attention to this information.  I look forward to seeing the name Stephen Conerly (aka Connerly, Connelly) on the Co D roster page.
Yours sincerely,
Ted Conerly
SCV Camp 1938”

Index (RBP/SBL)
Selena Bullock Luper [wife of William Luper, Co. F 7th Miss.; sister of Charles W.Bullock and Maryann Elizabeth Pittman, Pittman’s brother-in-law]
[Bullock,______ ] [Unidentified, “…one of our brothers went off and dide and the other wounded …” (Loretta Hamler Digmup41©aol.com email 2000: These may be cousins: “I also have a notation. Serving in the "Holmesville's Guards : Thomas Bullock (killed)[Co. E 33rd Miss.] Jeremiah Bullock (killed)” [Co. E 33rd Miss.] There are at 3 other Bullocks..gt grandmother's brothers... who served. Brothers of grandmother out of Covington Co. Henry H., William J., and Robert S. J. Bullock. Henry is buried at Double Churches in Covington Co, Robert in Sicily Island, La, and I don't know about William.”)
Mitchell, John 31, -- discharged disability 11-5-61
(A possible—GLP)
?????? Living in household of James Ford whose son Fletcher Ford was in Co. D 7th Miss.
Pull Mitchell, John 31, discharged disability 11-5-61; (Possibly living at James Ford farm 1860 marion census; family of Fletcher Ford Co. D)

Year: 1860 State: Mississippi County: Marion Post Office: Columbia Sheet No: 971
Reel No: M653-586 Page No: 53
Enumerated on: Aug 14th, 1860 by: Geo Baylis

10 | 360 | 360 | Ford James | 46 M | " | 8000 60000 | Miss | | F630 |
11 | 360 | 360 | Ford Sarah ann | 48 F | | | Miss | | F630 |
12 | 360 | 360 | Ford Fletcher | 19 M | " | | Miss | X | F630 |
13 | 360 | 360 | Ford Jabez | 17 M | | | Miss | X | F630 |
14 | 360 | 360 | Ford Joseph | 14 M | | | Miss | X | F630 |
15 | 360 | 360 | Ford Mary | 12 F | | | Miss | X | F630 |
16 | 360 | 360 | Ford Laura | 10 F | | | Miss | X | F630 |
17 | 360 | 360 | Ford Harriet | 7 F | | | Miss | | F630 |
18 | 360 | 360 | Ford Nancy | 3 F | | | Miss | | F630 |
19 | 360 | 360 | Mitchell John | 33 M | " | 100 |

Mitchell, Olander A. 26, -- discharged for tuberculosis, 5-16-62; b. Hancock, Co.
Pull Mitchell, Olander A. [Orlando Aultman Mitchell] 26, discharged for tuberculosis, 5-16-62; b. Hancock, Co. (3rd Miss????)
Have to look in Hancock, Marion and Pearl River County.

ID: I04094
Name: Orlando Aultman Mitchell
Sex: M
Birth: 8 APR 1830 (Age should be 31 or 32 years old when he enlisted…..)
Death: 16 AUG 1922 in Nicholson, Pearl River Co., Mississippi
Military Service: 3rd Miss Inf. (What about 3rd miss. vs 7th Miss.)
Burial: Old Palestine Cem.,Nicholson, Ms
Father: George A. Mitchell b: ABT. 1790 in South Carolina
Mother: Phobee Ann Miller b: 1793 in SC

Marriage 1 Nancy Rose Ann Lewis b: 15 APR 1844
Married: 8 SEP 1864 in Hancock Co., Miss.


Pope, Dickerson R. 24, not mustered
Contact Ernest Pope Jackson MS. 11-10-2013
His line is Jacob Pope (had a brother John Pope)
Dickerson R. Pope b 1828 d 1899
Joseph Pope
William Pope
J. W. Pope
Ernest Pope

Pope, Dickerson R. 24, not mustered (See D. R. Pope Co. C and K 12th Miss. Raised in Lawrence County) Believe this is the brother of Allen and Willis Pope (GLP)

Email From Mitch Sanders Mitchangelia 4/17/2004 11:13:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Pope, Dickerson R. Pvt.
Company D
Born 12/24/1828 in Marion County, Ms.
Died 7/31/1899 in Marion County, Ms.
Note: CSA Headstone Dates - December 1827/June 1899
Buried: Crystal Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Dexter, Walthall County, Ms.

Crystal Springs B. C. Cemetery Records
Hadskey's - Not mustered
CWS&S - In/Pvt  Out/Pvt
1850 Marion County Census - D. Age/22  Occp/Farming  H/H Esther Pope (Should be 32-33 years old)
1870 Marion County Census - Dickerson Age/42  Occp/Farmer
1880 Marion County Census - Dickerson Age/58  Occp/Farmer
Rootsweb -

Note: There were two Dickerson Pope's in Marion County. The man above has the VA marker, although his age does not match the rosters age given. The man who does match the age given in Rosters moved to Texas and drew a pension. His info is below.


[ Edited Sun Jul 02 2023, 02:55AM ]
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