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Company E, 7th Mississippi ‘Beauregard Volunteers” enrolled 4 May 1861. They held meetings in Meadville and enrolled there but as many were from eastern Franklin
Co., they drilled between Quentin and McCall prior to going to the Mississippi coast.

Captain Daniel Henderson Parker — was a half brother of Judge Thomas J. Magee. He received a twenty day leave on 4 May 1862 and died at home of typhoid fever.
1st Lieut. Daniel A. Buie — not re-elected; re-enlisted in another company
2nd Lieut. Wiley W. Wharton — resigned 31 Oct 1861
3rd Lieut. John Archibald Cato — not re-elected; killed in 4th Cavalry
1st Sgt. Robert C. Bethea — promoted to 1st Lieut.; not re-elected; a physician
2nd. Sgt. Stanton D. Birch — promoted to captain; re-enlisted in 9th Miss.
3rd Sgt. George Stewart — Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; to 3rd Conf. Engineers
4th Sgt. Julius T. Hairs - captured and exchanged in Kentucky; surrendered in N. C.
5th Sgt. Isaac L. Hairs — wounded and discharged; enlisted Co. D 20th Cavalry
1st Corp. A. Graham A. Flowers — discharged; enlisted in Co. I, 14th Conf. Cavalry
2nd Corp. Thomas J. McMillan — disability discharged; enlisted in 2nd Militia
3rd Corp. Thomas W. Cupit — not mustered
4th Corp. Perry G. Smith - wounded at Atlanta, surrendered Citronelle, ALL.

Obediah S. Ables — not mustered; joined 2nd Militia; Arkansas pension
Littleton Adams — from another company; various hospitals; had six children
Benjamin Franklin Bailey - under eighteen; captured in Tennessee
Solomon J. Beck — transferred to Company A
David Monroe Bedford - discharged as under age; Youngblood Signal Corps; Powers Cavalry
John D. Blue — discharged for disability; enlisted in Co. F 4th Cavalry
Alexander H. Bonds not mustered; joined 33rd Miss.
Charles P. Brock — discharged as under age; enlisted 18th Miss and 28th Cavalry
J. A. Buie - died at Hazlehurst of measles
Joseph Paisley Buie — transferred to Joe Wheeler Cavalry
Thomas W. Burke - captured and died in hands of enemy in Kentucky
David B. Calcote — discharged as under age; enlisted in Cc. C Powers Cavalry
Willis N. Calcote — on last roll Aug 1864
Franklin Carey — not mustered
William Thomas J. Carlock — transferred to Co. K, 7th Miss
Thomas Chapman — not mustered; enlisted in another company
Elbert F. Cobb — discharged for sickness; enlisted 14th Cavalry; 20th Cavalry
Joseph M. Cobb — wounded at Chickamauga; surrendered at Citronelle, Al
William C. Cobb — captured in Tenn.; paroled 23 May 1865 in New Orleans, La.
Frederick H. P. Crabtree — killed at Murfreesboro, Tn
George McD. Crosby transferred to Co. A., 7th Miss.
Daniel A. Cupit — wounded at Shiloh and on Tennessee River; died in Union prison
Isaac D. Cupit — wounded at Shiloh; killed at Resaca, Ga.
James H. Cupit — discharged for disability; enlisted in 23rd Confederate Cavalry
William Rutledge Cupit — killed at Murfreesboro; had four children
Alexander Currie — on last roll Aug 1864
Neil D. Currie — wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded and captured on Tenn. River
Benjamin M. Darsey - died of measles at Shieldsboro
Francis H. Darsey - transferred to 2nd Militia; 4th Powers Cavalry
B. B. Davidson — captured at Jonesboro, Ga. and exchanged
Thomas Dean — transferred to Sharpshooters; Co. D 33rd Miss
William Dew — captured at Marietta, Ga
Ephraim Emfinger — lost leg at Jonesboro, Ga; surrendered at Citronelle, Al
Joseph Flowers — discharged; joined the Cavalry
Thomas W. Flowers — resigned as Chaplain in 1862
Benjamin F. Gammbill — transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers; born Lewis, Stone Co. Al
James F. Godbold — discharged 29 Oct 1861
Thomas W. Godbold — on last roll Aug 1864; paroled at Jackson
James A. Grim — not mustered
D. H. Guice — discharged from hospital Nov—Dec 1862
Henry J. M. Harrigill — killed at 2nd Lieut. at Murfreesboro, Th
*George W. Horton — captured; may be J. WI Horton Co. H 7th Miss
William L. Howard — wounded and captured at Murfreesboro; discharged for wounds
Lewis Hutto — discharged for sore leg; enlisted Co. E 24th Cavalry
George W. lnes — transferred to Co. A 7th Miss
William N. Irwin — discharged Oct 1861
Gilbert A. Jackson — discharged; enlisted in Co. B 33rd Miss
Nathan A. Jackson — joined another company
James Jennings — discharged by conscript act
Caleb L. Johnson — died at Jackson, Tn
Pinckney F. Johnson — died of measles at Shieldsboro
William Johnson — died of wounds received at Murfreesboro
Daniel W. Jones — died of heart disease
John W. Jones — transferred to Sharpshooters
Thomas Talifero Jones — died of typhoid Apr 1862, son of Thomas Jones of Brookhaven, Ms
Nathaniel B. Kelsey — died in 1862
Benjamin Diddle Knapp — surrendered in N. C.
Alfred D. Kyle — killed on picket duty at Corinth, Ms
Edward Pepkin Lazarus - not mustered; enlisted Co. B 33rd Miss
Barnabus P. Lazarus — various hospitals; overstayed leave in 1864
Nicholas Lazarus — not mustered; enlisted Co. D 33rd Miss
David W. Lee — discharged; joined 14th Confederate Cavalry
James Alexander Lee — from Co. A; transferred to Co. B 23rd Cavalry
Absalom B. Linder — not mustered
Perry Lofton — overstayed leave in 1864
Samuel Lofton — not mustered; joined the Artillery
William A. Lofton — discharged for rheumatism
Zachariah Lofton — transferred to Sharpshooters
Samuel G. Long — from company K; discharged as under age
John A. Love — wounded at Chickamauga, on last roll Aug 1864
Robert D. Luckett — killed at Shiloh
Needham W. Lee — discharged for rheumatism; forty three years old
Theodore Frelinghuysen Magee — died of typhoid May 1862
Thomas J. Magee — discharged by conscript act; elected a Probate Judge
Lafayette Martin — died of pneumonia at Murfreesboro, Tn
Charles McCaa — to hospital; joined Co. G 23rd Cavalry
Joseph J. McCaa — on last roll Aug 1864
John W. McDaniel — dropped as ill; joined Co. E 23rd Cavalry
Elias McFarland — not mustered; joined 2nd Militia
Daniel McIntyre — discharged at Rome, Ga.; born in Jefferson Co. Ms
H. A. McLaurin — wounded at Shiloh and Resaca; to hospital
Calern E. McMillan — discharged June 1862; joined Co. G 14th Confederate Cavalry
Edward L. Middleton — wounded at Murfreesboro; to hospital 18 Oct 1864
Levi E. Middleton — wounded at Murfreesboro; died in the hands of the enemy
Levi G. Middleton - wounded at Shiloh and died of wounds
Napoleon F. Middleton — overstayed leave in 1864
Titian H. Murray — wounded at Resaca, Ga and sent to hospital
Oscar S. Newman — discharged in 1862; joined Co. K 1st Miss Artillery
*R. P. Newton — in siege of Vicksburg; killed
Aaron Nolan — captured at Kennesaw Mountain, Ga.
Nathan Oliver — not mustered “dead”
William H. Parker - became Sgt. Major; captured at Murfreesboro and exchanged
Gabriel Pickering — discharged or died late 1861
Nicholas Clifton Porter - died in Yankee hands of Shiloh wounds
Mathew C. Prather — died at home 26 Mar 1863
Daniel R Price— transferred to Sharpshooters
Joseph W Raney — died at Atlanta
John M. Reem/Reim — not mustered
Moses Renfrow — died in Tennessee
William Renfrow — not mustered
John Rials — shot in head; left arm and left hand; discharged; born Copiah Co.
John W. Robertson — captured on the Tennessee River
Dempsey Rushing — adroitly fell behind and deserted at Harrodsburg, KY
James N. Rushing — captured and died in Yankee hands in Ga.
James R. Rushing — wounded at Munfordsville and Chickamauga; lost use of arm
Wiley Rushing - discharged; joined 33rd Miss; drew pension
Jesse Rials — not mustered; joined Co. D 33rd Miss; born Marion Co. Ms
Christopher Sawls — not mustered
James A. Scott — became Sgt. Major; killed at Shiloh
Rutilius K. Scott — wounded at Murfreesboro; became 1st Sgt.
Samuel L. Scott — transferred to Co A.
Joseph Seale - on last roll Aug 1864
Pascal H. Seale — discharged; joined Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry
John Washington Sermons-died of fever at Corinth, Ms
Jonathan Sermons — wounded at Murfreesboro and Chickamauga
George P. Short — not mustered; joined Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry
Oren B. Shurtliff — died at Chattanooga, Tn
Balaam Smith — on last roll Aug 1864; paroled at Jackson
Everett Smith — in hospital on last roll “dead”
Cranberry Smith — died of typhoid in Tennessee
James N. Smith — paid as Sgt. 1862,”dead”
John/Jacob Smith — captured and exchanged in Kentucky and on Tennessee River
Nicholas Smith — wounded at Shiloh ‘supposed to be dead’
Theodore Smith — captured in Kentucky and exchanged; enlisted Co. K 1st Miss Artillery
William J. Smith — wounded at Shiloh “supposed to be dead”
George Washington Spring — wounded at Chickamauga; on last roll Aug 1864; died in 1908
William A. Stovall — discharged; Co. E 24th Cavalry; born in Hinds Co. Ms
Charles E. Stringer — transferred to Co. D 19th Miss; died in Va.
Dempsey Tarver — died at Shieldsboro, Ms of measles
James Tarver — not mustered
Reason E. Tarver — died at Tullahoma, Tn of pneumonia
Preston Thedford — not mustered
James N. Thornhill — killed at Murfreesboro, Tn
John A. Watson — discharged in late 1862
Alexander H. Webb — became 1st Sgt.; wounded and leg amputated at Atlanta; died
John W. Webb — not mustered; joined Co. B 14th Confederate Cavalry
John Wekham — at Macon, GA hospital for gunshot wound of arm; resided Mobile, Al
William M. Wentworth — discharged; being elected sheriff; in a book we found a pass that Wentworth had given one of his former slaves to get through the lines of the Union garrison at Natchez.
“Permit my once servant, Joyse, to pass to the city of Natchez, and circumambulate the streets, and cross over into the State of Louisiana, drive all the beef cattle out of Texas, and jump into the Gulf of Mexico, swim across and return home, if she sees proper.
/s/ William M. Wentworth
Sheriff, Jul 4 1866
George W. Wharton — wounded at Murfreesboro and captured; exchanged
Aaron J. Williams — died at Oxford of typhoid May 1862
Thomas A. Wright — present on last roll Aug 1864

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