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Company H, “Dahlgren Rifles”, 7th Mississippi Company was originally recruited in Pike County, although some came from Lawrence County. Apparently they were recruited July 13th thru August 22nd, 1861 at Toppasaw, Pike County by Captain Parham B. Williams, the former sheriff of Pike County. After serving at Bay St. Louis, the company was ordered to North Mississippi to be a part of the Shiloh Campaign. They took the railroad cars at New Orleans and due to a railroad accident at Ponchatoula, Louisiana on February 27, 1862 many in the regiment particularly in Company H and K were killed or injured.

It was charged by the enlisted men and widely believed that the trainmen were Northern men and in sympathy with the Union Army and that the wreck was prearranged for the purpose of killing the Southern soldiers. A man from Pike County later wrote that “the engineer and others made their escape and kept out of the way until the close of the war, else they might have paid the penalty for their crimes.”

Due to great losses by the train wreck and through disease, a large number of men who had been captured and paroled from Fort Donelson were added to this company, but, as they were from North Mississippi they were usually transferred to the First and Forty-First Regiments. A few conscripts were also enlisted from other counties, particularly Winston County.


Captain Parham B. Williams — injured in train wreck; died March 20, 1862
1st Lieut. Joseph M. Thornhill — appointed assistant surgeon
2nd Lieut. Zebulon E. P. Williams — not re-elected; joined 14th Confederate Cavalry
3rd Lieut. Jordan B. Williams — injured in train wreck; disability discharge Aug. 25, 1862
Ensign Eliza Cothern — the fifty—five year old could not make it
1st Sgt. Peter B. Felder — killed in railroad accident
2nd Sgt. John J. Sibley — discharged Dec. 1861; joined Co. H 39th Mississippi
3rd Sgt. Wyatt Thornhill - injured in train wreck; died March 1, 1862
4th Sgt. Isaiah Greer — died Oct. 11, 1863 at Newman, Ga
5th Sgt. William L. Walker — given a surgeon’s certificate of disability July 16, 1864
Fifer Thomas C. Boyt — wounded at Murfreesboro; to various hospitals
1st Corp. Harvey Boyd — substituted Isaiah Boyd~ apparently his son
2nd Corp. Francis M. Coglim - killed in railroad accident
3rd Corp. William Dunaway — wounded Mumfordsville, Ky; killed at Atlanta
4th Corp. William Gunnell — captured Cave City, Ky and paroled

John Adams — listed in History of Pike County
Joseph P. Adams — killed in train wreck
J. Addison — sent to hospital in Mobile, Al
*J. Barnes — captured at Selma, Al Apr 2, 1865
Daniel Barnett — surrendered in N. C.
Franklin T. Blackwell - on roll to Oct 1862; disposition unknown
Daniel T. Bledsoe - surrendered in N. C.
Isham Bowman — transferred to Company B; died flee 10, 1862 at Atlanta Isaiah Boyd — a sixteen year old substitute; wounded severely and captured at Mumfordsville, Ky; paroled Dec 22, 1862; arm ruined
Jeremiah Boyd - wounded Chickamauga; wounded Atlanta
Jesse A. Boyd, Jr. - wounded May 28, 1862 at Corinth; died of wounds
Jesse A Boyd Sr. — died Jan 2, 1864
Joseph (Isham) Boyd — wounded Mumfordsville, Ky; discharged 22 Dec 1862
Parley (Pearly) Boyd — “The boy left Aug. II, 1862”
Silas C. Boyd — wounded Murfreesboro; Chickamauga; surgeon certificate
Thomas Boyd — killed in railroad accident
William Boyd — killed in railroad accident
William W. Boyd — did not return from leave Nov 1863
Hillery Breland — discharged 1 Dec 1861
Blackburn Bridges — did not leave with company
M. H. Chandler — to hospital in Ga; captured at Macon, Ga
Thomas Jasper Coglin — wounded at Chickamauga; captured at Nashville
Aleazer Z. Coker — Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; captured at Cave City, Ky
John W. Coker - wounded and captured at Cave City, Ky
Samuel Scale - wounded June 12, 1864; paroled at Macon, Ga
George W. Connerly — transferred to 3rd Engineers; had served in Company B
Craft Coon — listed in History of Pike County
Louis Coon — listed in History of Pike County
Joe Collins — listed in History of Pike County
John Cothern — on last roll August 1864
Joseph Cothern — wounded Chickamauga; on last roll
James H. (Jackson) Craft - wounded Chickamauga; at various hospitals
Jesse J. Crawford - killed in railroad accident
Richard Washington Curtis — killed at Murfreesboro; son of Jacob Curtis
Aaron Davis — discharged Nov. 26, 1861
Arthur Davis - sick in Nov 1861; presumed discharged
Hampton Davis - surrendered in N. C.; from Hickory Station, Newton Co. Ms
John J. Davis - discharged Sept 29, 1862
Pleasant Day — died at Shieldsboro Nov 16, 1861
Jesse B. Delaughter — wounded Murfreesboro; captured at Cassville, Ga
Alvin Dempsey — had varicose veins; became a nurse; from Winston Co. Ms
W. M. Diggs — shown on Apr 1864 roll
Asa Dunaway — wounded Murfreesboro; killed at Atlanta
Jesse F. Dunaway — hurt in railroad accident and discharged; killed in Cavalry
Osburn Dunaway — shown in History of Pike County
Pearly Dunaway - killed in railroad accident
Stephen Dunaway - killed after Aug 1864
G. W. Edgar — died in camp; probably from Winston County
Alphonso Ellis — discharged April 11, 1863; born in Winston County
E. N. Ellis — wounded at Murfreesboro; discharged at Atlanta; of Winston County
James A. Everett — captured at Dalton, Ga; paroled at Richmond, VA
A .F. Parley - killed at Murfreesboro; probably from Winston Co.
T. H. Farwell — wounded at Murfreesboro; killed at Chickamauga
J. Smith Felder — left arm and hand crushed badly in railroad accident leaving arm and hand stiff; on last roll
Benjamin Graham - on last roll
Hugh Graham - at various hospitals
Howell G. Grantham — discharged April 6, 1863; from Perry County
Francis Greer — died in Atlanta
Newton Greet - surgeon certificate June 25, 1864
W. H. Gregory — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
G. C. Gulledge — wounded in Chickamauga; on last roll
Elbert Green Haley - wounded Chickamauga; various hospitals
Blakely Hinton — sent to Chattanooga hospital Nov 14, 1862
Hugh Hinton — died in Chattanooga hospital 28 Feb 1863
Francis Cornelius Hope — hurt in railroad accident and discharged; returned and died
P. Hope — may be above, as above supposedly died in hospital; captured Selma, Al
John F. Hudson - transferred to 3rd Engineers
Jesse Jenkins — listed in History of Pike County
Bill Jenkins — listed in History of Pike County
Charles Keene — discharged for paralysis of arm 22 Oct 1861
Daniel Keene — killed in railroad accident; mother was Mrs. Mary Keene
Harvey Keene — listed in Histor of Pike County
Henry Harrison Kett/ Kelt/ Kitt — killed in railroad accident
Raford Leonard — wounded Chickamauga; various hospitals
William Pleasant Leonard — sick to Hazlehurst hospital
Benjamin F. Lewis - wounded Murfreesboro; surrendered N. C.; pension in LA
Thomas L. Mallard - died at home in Winston Co. Ms
Elisha Massey, Jr. — wounded Murfreesboro; surgeons certificate
Thomas N. McAllister — sent to hospital in Chattanooga, Tn.
William McDavid — wounded 22 July 1864; surgeons certificate
Silas McEwen — listed in History of Pike 9~~y
John J. McGallion — discharged October 1, 1862 being sixteen years old
Joseph (James) McGinty — did not return from leave in 1862
Allen N. McKenzie - died at Corinth of typhoid 27 Apr 1862
B. F. Meadow — wounded at Atlanta, surgeons certificate; from Newton Co.
Henry Mills - died in Winston Co.; widow lived at Rome, Winston Co. Ms
B. A. Moore — transferred to 33rd MB; transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
Holland J. Morgan — transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
James A. Morgan - was born in Pike Co. Ms; age twenty at enlistment; was promoted to corporal after Chickamauga; left on re-enlistment furlough on 29 Jan 1864. He decided to stay at home and Captain J. B. Tucker, the Pike Co. enrolling officer, wrote of him on May 26, 1864 that he had tried to catch Morgan several times but he gets in the swamp in the area of Magee Creek near Holmesville and gets away, but Tucker thought he could catch him and make him get back in the Army.
William N. Morgan — discharged as under aged
Lewis Odum – a substitute that was sent back to Enterprise, Ms.
J. R. O’Neil - died at Chattanooga, Tn.
Thomas Payne — probably went with another company
Jacob Henry Pearson — captured at Chickamauga, Ga; from Winston Co. Ms
Thomas H. Pearson - on last roll; probably from Louisville, Winston Co. Ms
W. W. Pitts — on last roll Aug 1864
Pleasant Pollard - listed in History of Pike County
Raford Pollard - listed in History of Pike County
John F. Pollard (may be Raford Pollard) died 26 Jan 1863
Michael Reddy/Ready — on roll Apr 1863; one Reddy killed at Harrisburg
John Reddy/Ready — discharged for protracted sickness 9 Dec 1861
Stephen Z. Reeves - killed in railroad accident
S. Warren Roberts — transferred to 9th Sharpshooters
W. David Roberts - killed in railroad accident
Cullen E. Rutland - died at Columbus, Tn
F. M. Sandell - discharged 15 Apr 1863; born E. Feliciana Parish, La
Elijah S. Sartain — discharged for disability
Martin A. Sartain — transferred to 9th Battalion of Sharpshooters
William J. Saul - died of measles at Shieldsboro, Ms
William Saulsberry - transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
James M. Scruggs — to company as Captain 20 June 1862; wounded; on last roll
Henry Shepherd — on last roll; from Newton, Ms
John Shepherd — surrendered at Mobile; from Greene Co.
Cyrus S. Simmons — captured at Nashville, Tn
H. H. Simmons — discharged 14 Nov 1861
J. F. Simmons — died 20 May 1862
Arnold J. Smith — killed in collision on railroad
N. 0. Smith — died at Canton, Ms of typhoid 4 May 1862
Byrd Sparks — wounded at Chickamauga, surgeons certificate; probably from Winston Co. Ms
*W. C. Stewart - exchanged at Vicksburg 8 Nov 1862
George W. Thorbs - died from railroad injury
John Martin Thornhill — died at Shelbyville, Tn 12 May 1863
J. Newton Thornhill — died of wounds received at Murfreesboro, Tn
John J. Thornton -. wounded at Murfreesboro; wounded at Chickamauga; became Captain; wounded in both legs in Ga; lived Planters Creek.
John Turpin — on last roll Aug 1864
J. R. Vince — injured severely in railroad collision
Thomas H. Walker - died at Holmesville, Ms of typhoid; son of Jeremiah Walker
Epperettus H. Wallace — died due to railroad injury
Isaiah B. Wallace — killed at Chattahoochee River, Ga 9 July 1864
James D. Wallace — lost a leg in the railroad collision, born in Ga
R. M. Warren - became a nurse; surrendered Columbus, 14s; probably from Winston Co. Ms
William Warren - came from company ID; transferred back to company I
N. L. Weavers — died at Chattanooga, In
A.M. Wilkerson — wounded at Murfreesboro; died in the hands of the enemy
Nathaniel B. Wilkerson — died at Lauderdale Springs, Ms; from Monticello, Ms
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