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Company I, “Covington Rangers”, 7th Mississippi Company, enlisted 11 August 1861 at Bay St. Louis, Ms. They probably enlisted in Covington County in April of 1861 and sometimes called the “Covington Rifles” or Captain John T. Fairley’s Company. Due to the large number of people of Scotch descent in this company, we like to call this the “Scotch Company”. Many joined the company at Mt. Cannel, Covington Co. Ms.


Captain John T. Fairley — on last roll 31 Aug 1864; commanding Co. G & H
1st Lieut. William H. Holloway — wounded at Murfreesboro; died in hands of the enemy
2nd Lieut. Jasper ID. Terrell — resigned 6 May 18623rd Lieut. Duncan McRaney - surrendered at High Point N. C.
1st Sgt. Daniel J. McInnis — discharged due to paralyzed thigh; born in Perry Co. Ms
2nd Sgt. John L. Beavers — hurt 27 Feb 1862 in railroad collision; compound fracture of right leg
3rd Sgt. Peter Fairly - wounded at Atlanta; in charge of a railroad train 14 Dec 1864
4th Sgt. John N. McInnis - discharged 1.7 Aug 1862; born in Covington Co. Ms
5th Sgt Andrew J. Carter - on last roll Aug 1864
1st Corp. Samuel B. Williams — became 2nd Lieut.; probably killed at Nashville, In
2nd Corp. Lewis W. Grey - on last roll Aug 1864
3rd Corp. Charles W. Walker — home ill in Dec 1862
4th Corp. Alexander T. Leonard — discharged 11 Nov 1862; born Richmond Co. N. C.

Needham C. Blount — missing at Shiloh; paroled and became a nurse in hospital
James L. Brown - conscript from Winston Co; ran off 20 Sept 1864
James N. Buckley — transferred to 9th Battalion of Sharpshooters
James M. Byrd - transferred from 3rd Ala Cavalry; killed at Resaca, Ga
J. K. Byrd - wounded Murfreesboro; wounded Chickamauga; paroled at Jackson
Calvin F. E. Carter — killed at Atlanta 28 July 1864
John H. . Copeland — killed at Chickamauga
Robert B. Costello — discharged prior to 30 Oct 1861
Jacob M. Cross — captured at Nashville; died Nevada Co. Ark 1922
A. S. Davis — became a nurse in the hospital 7 Mar 1863
Teranus .J. Davis - died at Corinth of typhoid fever
* W. H. Diwall — captured at Shiloh
Franklin M. Dyess — accidentally shot self in 1862; on 1st roll Aug 1864
John W. Dyess — wounded at Murfreesboro; on last roll Aug 1864
James N Easterling — killed at Resaca, Ga
James N. Eaten - on 1st roll Aug 1864
Alexander Fairly — sixty days leave 22 Dec 1864 for fracture of ulna and dislocation of radius; lived at Mt. Olive, Covington Co. Ms
Stephen B. Foles — wounded at Murfreesboro; paroled at Meridian, Ms
Benjamin F. Fry — captured at Nashville, Tn 16 Dec 1864; died in prison
C. Fullingame — recruited 11 June 1864; sent to hospital 20 Aug 1864
Revonna G. Garner — on last roll Aug 1864
Stephen J. Garner — discharge due to tuberculosis 31 Mar 1862; born Ga
Christopher Graham — discharge by conscript act; born in Dublin, Ireland
Alexander M. Graves; promoted to 2nd Sgt.; paroled at Meridian, Ms
Alexander W. Harper — killed at Atlanta 28 July 1864
Miles P. Harrell — missing at Murfreesboro
*H. M. Harris — paroled at Memphis; probably 7th Miss Battalion
Elam H. Hathorn — transferred to Sharpshooters 26 June 1862
John Y Hathorn — transferred to Sharpshooters
John M. Hill — wounded Chickamauga; captured at Franklin, Tn
Jacob Hively — died of wounds received at Murfreesboro
Benton Holcomb — wounded at Murfreesboro; captured at Missionary Ridge
H. C. Holloway - acquired Jacob I-lively as substitute 12 Dec 1862
John E Holloway — wounded at Shiloh; surrendered at Greensboro, N. C.
William S. Holloway — wounded at Shiloh; on last roll Aug 1864
*A. H.. Hubbard — captured at Nashville; possibly copying error for D. H. Hubbard
Daniel H. Hubbard — on last roll
T. J. Hubbard — captured at Jonesboro, Ga and exchanged 22 Sept 1864
William J. Hubbard — captured at Nashville; resident of Simpson Co. Ms
Alexander Johnson — died of typhoid fever; son of Allen Johnson
A. H. Jones — surrendered 28 Apr 1865 in N. C.
William J. King — discharged 31 Oct 1862
Z. B. Kitchens — surrendered in N. C.; drew a Tenn. pension in 1915
*W. B. Laughton — paroled at Memphis; probably 7th Miss Battalion
*A. J. Lee — captured wounded at Gettysburg; probably 11th Miss
Seaborn M. Lee — discharged 17 Aug 1862 for lung trouble; born in Henry Co. Al
Thomas J. Lee — captured at Nashville
Washington Leggett — wounded Murfreesboro; died in Rankin Co. Ms
*George A. Loflin — captured wounded at Shiloh; died in hands of the enemy
Austin McDonald — wounded at Jonesboro, Ga and captured; P.0. Carlisle Mills
C. L. McDonald - captured at Selma, Al
Kenneth McInnis — wounded in the neck at Shiloh; died Apr 14, 1862 in Lawrence Co. Ms
Neil McInnis - probably went with another company
Richmond McInnis — discharged 23 July 1862 with consumption
John K. McLeod — died at home of typhoid Lever; son of Murdock McLeod
Miles B. McLeod - discharged for disability 28 Nov 1861
Calvin McNease — wounded at Chickamauga; died at home in Covington Co. Ms
William A. McPhail — discharged 23 Aug 1862 but went back with another company
George N. McRaney - transferred to Sharpshooters but returned~ on last roll
Jackson McRaney — sent to hospital 27 Aug 1864
Robert McRaney — on last roll Aug 1664
Marshall McRoy — discharged 13 Nov 1862; born in Bladen Co. N. C.
Isaiah H. Mobley — discharged 5 Dec 1862; born in Lawrence Co. Ms
William C. Mobley - transferred to 3rd Confederate Engineers
James L. Palmer — discharged 8 Nov 1861
*Joseph H. Parham - in various Union prisons; probably 7th Battalion
David Pearce — died 29 Dec 1863 at Griffin, Ga
Emanuel Phiefer — on last roll Aug 1864
Franklin M Polk, Sr. — wounded; paroled at Meridian, resident of Lawrence Co. Ms
Franklin M. Polk — discharged and re—enlisted; captured at Franklin, Tn.
James M. Polk — captured at Franklin, Tn
Martin C. Reddock — on last roll Aug 1864
John I. Reddock — died in Atlanta, Ga
William R. Reddock — killed at Shiloh
William C. Robertson - wounded at Murfreesboro; transferred to 46th Miss
Peyton W. Rogers - received Medal of Honor at Murfreesboro; died at Shelbyville, Tn
*L. Roy — captured at Macon, Ga Apr 1865
Wesley Russell— discharged and returned; wounded at Chickamauga
Wiley Russell - died at Tullahoma, Tn 17 Nov 1862
William Rutledge — captured near Cassville, Ga; lived Mt. Carmel, Ms
William W. Self - wounded at Atlanta; sent to hospital at West Point, Ms
Neil C. Short— died at Oxford 15 May 1862; probably wounded at Shiloh
*A. N. Smith — captured at Summerville; probably 7th Miss Battalion
David B. Smith — discharged 10 Oct 1862
William P. Smith - discharged 14 Nov 1861
Charles W. Story — captured 31 Aug 1864 and exchanged; captured at Nashville
Peter B. Stubbs — died of typhoid 17 Apr 1862; probably -wounded at Shiloh (many times men were wounded and as the fever due to the wound was similar to typhoid, the cause of death was listed as typhoid or pneumonia.)
*S. J. Tillman — paroled at Memphis, probably 7th Miss Battalion
William J. Tompkins — from 11th & 13th LA; captured at Missionary Ridge; resident of Rapides Parish, La.
Albert J. Turnage - on last roll Aug 1864; probably killed at Nashville
Mills P. Turnage — surrendered in N. C.
William Turnage — surrendered in N. C.
Albert G. Walker - killed 14 May 1864 in Ga.
Daniel Walker — sent to hospital Aug 21, 1864
M. W. Ward - killed at Chickamauga
Ben F. Weathersby - deserted and joined the Yankee 34th Ky
John H. Williams - wounded at Shiloh in side; died of diseased lungs and typhoid
Isaac B. Williams — in hospital 1 Sept 1864
William C. Williams — wounded at Murfreesboro; captured at Nashville
William S. Williams — died at Danville, Ky of typhoid; son of Baines Williams

This company had a good record. A noted historian has made an analysis of some companies of the
Seventh Mississippi in The Journal of Mississippi History and concluded that the regiment was one
of the best in the Confederate Army. There were a few bad apples in the regiment, but very few.

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