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Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education :: Forums :: Military Units :: The 7th Mississippi Infantry Regt.
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7th Mississippi Infantry Surrender Roll, April 26, 1865 Greensboro, North Carolina
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PLEASE NOTE: This list was compiled by Ron Skellie for his "Lest We Forget..." roster. The letters LWF refer to that particular roster. Also note that Calvin Phillips and William Hadskey, past researchers of the regiment are duly noted as sources as well as Dunbar Rowland, the man who wrote the first history of the regiment. The list is not always in alphabetical order. For questions or additions to the list please contact Ron Skellie.

Parole Muster Roll of Co. A 9th Regt. Miss. Vols. [Seventh Mississippi]
National Archives; RG109, M1781, “Muster Rolls & Lists of Confederate Troops Paroled in North Carolina” Reel # 4. Lists 332, 333 [See also List 306, 307]
“Lest We Forget” Roster 7th Regt. Miss. Inf. & Co. A 9th Regt. Miss.
Parole Muster Roll May 1st 1865 Greensboro, NC.

The following men appear on the Muster Roll of Co. A 9th Miss. Regt. The roll was their parole roster and was signed on May 1, 1865 at Greensboro, NC. These men were all members of the 7th Miss. Their information relating to their service in the 7th Regt. Miss. Infantry is placed first with the information from the 9th Regt. Miss. Inf. following. For those who have not been previously listed as members of the 7th Miss., only their service in Co. A 9th Miss. Consolidated will be shown:

Captain: Atkinson James N., 2nd Sgt., 1st Sgt. Elected Captain, WIA Murfreesboro, leave March 4, 1864 (pp. 136.143, 146, 180. JFDiary) [J.N. Atkinson, Surrendered NC. Capt Co. A 9th Miss., paroled at Greensboro, NC May 1, 1865]

[Officers and non-commisioned officers]
McRaney, Duncan C. 3rd Lt/1st Lt Co. I On last roll 8-1864; [Duncan C.] Surrendered at High Point, NC (Commanding Co. July 1, 1863)[D.C. McRaney Paroled as 1st Lt. Co. A 9th Miss. at Greensboro, NC May 1, 1865]

Garrow, Nathaniel “Nat” Pvt. On last roll 8/1864; died since the war [N. Garrow, surrendered NC. 2nd Lt. Co. A 9th Miss., paroled Greensboro, NC May 1, 1865]

Van Norman, S. T. Pvt. 1st Sgt. Co. C Died 1905 Surr. N.C. [S.T. VanOrman, 1st Sgt. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Bryant, John C. Co. D surrendered as 2nd Sgt. At NC (Hadskey)(See also Briant-RJS) (JFDiary p. 191) [J.C. Bryant, Co. A 9th Miss.]

Barnes Allen Pvt. Co. F On last roll, surr. NC. [A. ­­__. Barnes, 3rd Sgt. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Lewis, Benjamin T. (F.) Pvt./Sgt. Co. H WIA Murfreesboro; On last roll; surr. NC; pension in LA. [b] Barnes, J.R. 1st Corp. Co. I and Co. D [Surr. 1st Corp. Co. A 9th Miss. Parole, Greensboro, NC May 1, 1865, enlisted Bay St. Louis, MS 1861. ]

Barnes, John R. 18, discharged 10-25-62 Conscription Act as underage; Later joined Co. I 7th Regt. (See notes re: Barnes family. Brother to Jacob Pope Barnes who was Circuit Clerk.)[Surr. NC 1st Corp. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Aumock, James. R. Pvt. Co. C promoted to corporal, pension Amite Co. 1911, died 1.1915 Surrendered NC [(VR) James R. Ammock, was promoted to 1st Corporal 4/1/64 and on same card noted-"Lost bayonet & scabbard"] [2nd Corp. Co. A 9th Miss.](See also Ammock)

Havis, Julius Thomas 4th Sgt., Co. E captured and exchanged in KY; [See Co H 7th Miss., Consolidated. Co. A 9th Miss., 3rd Corp. on surrender at High Point, NC; paroled at Greensboro, NC May 1st 1865] [Married Martha Jane WEBB daughter of Kinchen Richard Webb, Jr. Capt. of Co. D 33rd Miss., brother of James H. and Charles Rhodes Webb who were married to Mary Griffin and Laney Griffin respectively, sisters of my grgr grandfather Young F. Griffin-RJS]

Holloway, John E. Pvt. Co. I WIA at Shiloh; surrendered at Greensboro, NC [J.E. Holloway 4th Corp. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Allred, William H. pvt. WIA at Shiloh; WIA Murfreesboro; surr. at NC. (See Aldred) (See NOTES) [W.H. Allred, Co. A 9th Miss.]

Butler, William E. Pvt. Co. C Surrendered in NC; died 1903 [Wm. E. Butler, enlisted 8/15/_?, joined from desertion; Nurse-Lumpkin Hosp, Rome, Ga. furlough 7/4/63 to 8/1/63; reenlisted for war Jan '64 (VR)] [W.E. Butler Co. A 9th Miss.]

Brown, Cicero C. Pvt. Co. C Captured in KY; paroled; WIA Atlanta 7-22-64 sent to hospital; surrendered in NC. “distant cousin”-W. Hadskey [Letter-Cato Steele family collection Dec. 9th 1862 from Murfreesboro.] [C. C. Brown, Co. A 9th Miss.]

Bledsoe, Daniel T. Pvt. Co. H Surrendered NC [D.T. Bledsoe Co. A 9th Miss.]

Barnett, Daniel Pvt. Co. H Surrendered in NC (See Barnet) [D. Barnett Co. A 9th Miss.]

Burkett, William Co. D (See also Burke), Surr. at NC [Wm Burkett Co. A 9th Miss.]

Cook, Abishaba 25, Co. D WIA Murfreesboro, NC [See also Cork, Abissa, Corp. Cork-JFDiary pp. 56-57, 59, 116) [A. Cook, pvt. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Claughton. Griffing P., Jr. Pvt. Co. C WIA Murfreesboro; paroled at hospital at NC. [C. Phillips states Surr. in NC. Amite website says “died during the war”; believe this note refers to George P. Claughton also of Co. C,] [G.P. Claughton Co. A 9th Miss.]

Coward, Edmond Pvt. Co. F WIA Murfreesboro, Surr. NC. (See Edward Coward) [Ed Cowart, Co. A 9th Miss.]

Drummond, Benjamin Pvt. Corp. Co. F. WIA Shiloh, Medal of Honor Murfreesboro, TN. WIA Resaca, GA; Surr. NC. [Benj. Drummond. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Davis, Hampton Pvt. Co. H Surrendered in NC; from Hickory Station, Newton County, MS. [H. Davis Co. A 9th Miss.; Enlisted July 1, 1863 at Enterprise Miss.]

Faust, H. M. Pvt. Co. C; Hosp. 6-15-64; Matt Dunn Letter ; Surr. NC. [Co. A 9th Miss.]

Jones, Wiley D. Pvt. Co. F Surrendered At Greensboro, NC [W.E. Jones Co. A 9th Miss.]

Jones, A. H. Pvt. Co. I On last roll 8/64; Surr. 04-28-65 NC [A.H. Jones Co A 9th Miss.]

Kitchens, Z. B. Pvt. Co. I On last roll 8-1864; Surrendered NC; drew Tennessee pension in 1915.[ Co. A 9th Miss. Greensboro, NC. Enlisted June 1st 1864, Enterprise, MS]

Knapp, Benjamin Dibble, Jr. Corp. Co. E 8/64roll. Surr. NC [b]

Lee, Z. C Pvt. Co. A 9th Miss., Parole Roster, May 1, 1865; Enlisted April 1, 1864, Smithfield, NC. By Lt. McRaney. [Not on Rowland, Hadskey or Phillips List]

McMillan, Z. A. Pvt. Co A 9th Miss., Parole Roster, May 1, 1865 Greensboro, NC. Enlisted June 1, 1863 Enterprise, MS Maj. Barry. [Not on Rowland, Hadskey or Phillips List]

Moore, W. W. Pvt. Asst. Surgeon, Co. C captured at Murfreesboro; died Summit, MS 1912. [W.W. Moore, Co. A 9th Miss. Parole at Greensboro, NC May 1, 1865]

Newsom, Lewis J. Pvt. Co. F Surr. NC (1841-1899 ) Bur. Society Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, east side of Highway 13, near Columbia, MS. [L.J. Newsome Co. A 9th Miss.]

Nunnery, John, Pvt. Co. C Surrendered NC; died 10.11.1901[Co. A 9th Miss.]

Nunnery, David, Pvt. Co. C Surrendered in NC died 8. 1906 [Co. A 9th Miss.]

Nunnery, Samuel Pvt. Co. C. Wounded at Murfreesboro and Jonesboro, GA; surr. NC; died 1915 [Saml Nunnery, Co. A 9th Miss.]

Page, George. M. Pvt. Co. C WIA Atlanta 7.22.1864 [GSLea letters]; surrendered NC; died 1903, [G.M. Page Co. A 9th Miss.]

Parker, Albert Pvt. Co. A 9th Miss. Parole Roster May 1, 1865 Greensboro, NC. Enlisted Bay. St. Louis, MS 1861.]

Robertson, John Pvt. Co. G (John L. to hospital 12-21-63-C. Phillips)(Rowland roster)[J.J. Robertson, Surr. Co. A 9th Miss. Greensboro Parole May 1, 1865]

Robertson, N. H. Pvt. Co. G discharged as under aged 1861; re-enlisted; on last roll 8-1864 (See N.H. Robinson, and N.B. Robertson][H.H. or N.H. Robertson, Surr. Co. A 9th Miss. Parole, May 1, 1865 Greensboro, NC]

Stamps, Joseph A. Pvt. Co. G Transf. Sharpshooters (9th Battn. Miss. SS) Captured at Munfordville, KY Sept. 1862; paroled and returned to the company. Surrendered in NC. (Joseph A.-See J. H. Stamps 9th Batt. Miss. S.S.) [Jos Stamps Co. A 9th Miss.]

Stuckey, Robert B. Pvt. Co. G Surrendered April 28, 1865 at Greensboro, NC [Robt. Stuckey Co. A 9th Miss.]

Stacy, Oliver Pvt. Co. G [Oliver G.-on last roll; [O. (H?). Stacey, enlisted Apr. 1864 Dalton, GA by Lt. Parker for the War; surr. NC. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Sharpe, H. S. Pvt. Co. C “Not mustered” per Hadskey. [H.H. Sharpe Co. A 9th Miss. Surr. NC. Parole Roster May 1, 1865.]

Sample, Jacob R. 2nd Sgt. Co. A Surr. in NC, Physician. [J. R. Sample Pvt. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Sims, John M. 24 pvt. Co. D promoted to 3rd Lt, not re-elected; on last roll 8/64; Surr. in NC [See JFDiary pp. . 73, 77, 80, 87, 117, 108, 109, 154; See also John M. Sims F&S;, Q.M. S.; John M. Sims 2nd Lt., dropped June 15, 1862] [Pvt. Co. A 9th Miss.]

Toler, W.F. WIA Atlanta William F. Pvt. WIA, Atlanta 7-22-1864; GSLea“W.F. Toler… Shoulder slight”. Surrendered in NC. His servant Ben Faust received a pension. See also Tolar) [W.F. Tolar Pvt. Co A 9th Miss.]

Travis, Nicholas A. Pvt. Co. C Surr. in NC. d. Amite County at 96 yrs, of age [GSLea Letters] [N. A. Travis Co. A 9th Miss.]

Turnage, Mills P. Pvt. Co. I On last roll 8-64 Surr. NC [M.P.Turnage Co. A 9th Miss.]

Turnage, William Pvt. Co. I On last roll 8-64 Surr. NC [Wm Turnage Co. A 9th Miss.]

“I certify that the above Muster Roll is correct
. [signed]Duncan C. McRaney, 1st Lt
Comdg. Co A 9th Miss. Regt.”
“Greensboro, North Carolina
May 1st 1865

In accordance with terms of a military convention, entered into on the 26th day of April 1865, between gen’l Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding Confederate States Army, and Maj. Genl. William T. Sherman, Commanding United States Army in North Carolina, the officers and men, whose names are born on this roll, have given their solemn obligation not to take up arms against the government of the United States until properly released from this obligation; and they are permitted to return to their homes; not to be disturbed by the United States authorities so long as they observe this obligation, and obey the laws in force where they reside.”

Signed [ Unreadable]
“___________ USA
Special Commission”

Signed “Duncan C. McRaney”
“1st Lieut. C.S.A.
LWF Roster 7th Regt. Miss. Inf. Surrendered in NC but not on May 1st 1865 Co. A 9th Miss. Parole Muster Roll]

Baughman Martin Luther Pvt. Co. F WIA at Chattahoochee River near Atlanta; to hospital 7-8-64. (Family records say he surrendered in NC. with his brother William)

Baughman William Allen Pvt. Co. F probably went with another Company. Disability 2-2-62?? (Family records say he surrendered in NC. with his brother Martin)

Bennett, James P. Co. A WIA Shiloh, surrendered NC

Bennett, Jesse C. Co. A WIA at Missionary Ridge and Atlanta 7-22-64, surr. at NC

Byrd, Winston W. E. Co. A surrendered as 4th Corp NC [son of Elizabeth B. PARKER and Willis BYRD (son of Needham BYRD and Rebecca MAGEE) of Franklin County, Mississippi. Elizabeth was the brother of William Henderson Parker of Co. C and Co. K 7th Miss.–rjs]

Cain, George W. Co. A On last roll 8-64. Surrendered in NC, had leave and was captured in Ala. On way back. (See also George Monroe/George M. Cain)

Chambers, John Co. A WIA Chickamauga, surrendered NC

Cloy, Richard M. Co. A WIA Shiloh and Atlanta in hospital 7-22-64, On last roll Aug. 1864; surrenderd NC

Davis, Adolphus Fredrick “Fred” 2nd Sgt., Capt. Co. K Hurt in RR accident; WIA Shiloh; WIA Chickamauga; on last roll as Captain and surrendered in NC. (See Letter collection and diary) Buried at Union Baptist Church. Born July 30 1840; educated in Mexico, Missouri; was a school teacher in Amite Co. and later a merchant in Roxie, MS. He died 22 April 1897. [Not on Co A 9th Miss. Surr. List May 1st 1865]

Freeman, William H. Co. A WIA Shiloh and Atlanta 7-22-64, in hospital 8-64 roll, surrendered NC

Hart, James Monroe Pvt. Co. B surrendered in NC [See I.M. Hart] Hughey, William Oliver, Pvt. Co. A. POW Missionary Ridge and exchanged (Captured along with John F. Roberts-GSLea Letters 12-5-63). Surr. NC died since the war.

Moak, William H , Pvt. Co. B hospital 6-20-64; surrendered at High Point, NC (William Harrison Moak, born 28 July 1834 & died 1897, Lincoln, Co., MS -[pre 1870: Pike, co.] son of Henry Moak." Served 4 years in the CSA"; source: MOAK FAMILY 1840 - 1960, by L.L. Moak. lacantanta©cox.net

Porter, Samuel D. Pvt. Co. A WIA Murfreesboro, hospital 9-1-63 Dalton, GA surrendered NC

Zumbro, John A. Pvt. Co. A On last roll 8-64; surrendered in NC (Note: Bore the regimental colors from the field at the Battle of Atlanta upon the death of Ensign, Lt. W.J. Nunnery in front of the enemy line near the abbatis on July 22nd 1864. RJS)
LWF Roster 7th Regt. Miss. Inf. [Surrendered other than NC.]

Caraway, Bryant M. WIA Shiloh, and Murfreesboro, Co. A surrendered in Citronelle, AL. (Bryant Marshall Carraway - Co A., Born 2/11/1837 in Amite Co. Miss. Died 6/23/1896. Burial: Adams Methodist Church Cemetery, Auburn, Miss. Note: Named his second son "William Proby" born 1/26/1862 in Franklin Co.

Cobb, Joseph M. Pvt. Co. E WIA at Chickamauga; surrendered at Citronelle, AL.

Emfinger, Ephraim, pvt. Co. E Last roll 8-1864; lost leg at Jonesboro, GA; surrendered at Citronelle, AL [“primary amputation of the middle 3rd of leg Aug. 31st, 1864”Medical amd Surgical Records of the Civil War, Vol. I Index, Vol.XII, p. 491, Case 888.]

Glack, Joseph Co. A surrendered in AL. born in Warsaw Poland, residence New Orleans

Godbold, Thomas W. Pvt. Co. E on last roll Aug. 1864; Surr. Citronelle; paroled Jackson.

Graves, Alexander M. Pvt./Sgt./ 2nd Lt. Co. I . Surr. Citronelle, AL; Parole Meridian, MS.

Jones, James M. Jr., Co A WIA Shiloh; Surr. in Meridian, MS, son of probate judge

McDonald, C. L. Pvt. Co. I On last roll 8-1864; Sent to hospital 8-20-64; Surrendered at Citronelle, AL (C.Phillips) Captured at Selma, AL.(W. Hadskey)

[Parnell, James N., Pvt. Co. B; Nurse-West Point, MS 9-12-63, Surr. at Meridian.]

*Prestridge, Wiley P. Co. B surrenderd at Citronelle, AL on last roll 8-64

Shepard, John Co. A On last roll 8-64, surrendered Citronelle, AL [See Co H, may be different John Shepherd; * See also Shepherd, John Pvt. Surr. at Mobile, from Greene Co. may be 7th Battn. Miss. Inf.]

Smith, Baalam Pvt. Co. E WIA Munfordville, KY; On last roll 8-64; surrendered Citonelle, AL; paroled at Jackson.

Smith, Perry G. 4th Corp. Co. E WIA at Atlanta, surrendered at Citronelle, AL.

Warren, R.M. Pvt. Co. H became Nurse; Surr. Columbus, MS; probably from Winston Co.

Wilkinson, S. D. Pvt. On last roll; surrendered with cavalry. died 1914

Wilson, Alexander Pvt. Co. K Wounded 5-14-64 at Resaca, GA; on wounded furlough at Surrender. (Brother of Sumpter and N.B. Wilson)

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