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Tue Apr 28 2009, 01:20PM
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Village Record – April 28th, 1865
Major General Hancock reports that nearly all of Moseby’s command have surrendered including nearly or quite all of the officers excepting Moseby himself. Some of Moseby’s own men are hunting him for the reward of $2000 offered for him by Gen. Hancock who has been directed to establish headquarters at Washington.
John Singleton Mosby had a price on his head throughout his period of "independent command" and maybe before when he was an acknowledged scout for General J.E.B. Stuart.

At the war's end, however, the price became more settled. First, Grant offered $2,000 for his capture or production of his body. When Grant was told ostensibly by former Rangers that $2,000 was not nearly enough since it would take a fair number of men to capture or kill Mosby and dividing the money up would make the risk not worth the return, Grant raised the reward to $5,000.

Later in June, Halleck put another $5,000 into the pot when Mosby refused to surrender (and they had had no luck capturing or killing the wily little fellow). So in the end, the reward stood at $10,000 - a very considerable sum for a single partisan commander. Nobody ever collected it.

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