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Response to --- “We believe in making treason odious:” U.S. Veterans of the Civil War Attack the Los
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Sat Apr 09 2022, 09:11PM

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Subject: RE: “We believe in making treason odious:” U.S. Veterans of the Civil War Attack the Lost Cause


Dear Angry Staff Officer, 4/6/22

[censored]! Your government/public school/Marxist indoctrination seems to have been deeply planted and quite successful.

Calling Confederates "traitors" is one of the tired old lies we hear frequently, when the truth is that Lincoln and his hoard of murderers, looters, arsonists, and rapists were the real traitors by waging war on other states in order to force these legally seceded states back into a union it wanted no part of for the continued collection of unconstitutional and excessive taxes which went to benefit the northern bankers, industry, and railroads. Why was no Confederate ever tried for treason? President Jefferson Davis waited two years in prison for a trial he wanted, but never happened because U.S. Supreme Court Justice Salmon P. Chase stated that no Confederate could be tried for treason due to secession not being illegal, and if any Confederate were tried, what was won on the battlefield would be lost in court.

The popular and accepted narrative for the War of Northern Aggression is that it was fought "to free the slaves". If that is so, it continues to puzzle me why the "righteous and glorious North" did not first free the more than 429,000 slaves in the Union. The illegal war waged upon Southern civilians was a prelude of what was coming to the American Indian. The wholesale slaughter of old men, women, and children, looting, burning of homes, churches, schools, libraries, barns, and crops, the gang raping of women, white and black, was the training the Grand Army of the Republic received for its future missions into the west.

As for the issue of slavery, just where is it believed Southerners got their slaves? Did they just go out and pick them off a tree? No. New England Yankee slave traders built the slave ships and sailed them to Africa and traded goods for already enslaved Africans and brought them here, selling them to both northerners and Southerners. Oh, their ships were flying Old Glory, not the Confederate Battle flag.

Since Occupation (Reconstruction), when northern school teachers were sent South to indoctrinate young children, the fabricated tale of "Honest Abe" and the "righteous cause" he pursued has been shoved into the minds of school children. The result is that most people do not know the truth about our history. They believe the myths taught in our schools and universities, what the media tells them, and what they see on PBS, the History Channel, and what is cranked out by Hollywood. It has long been stated that the first victim of war is truth, and that has certainly been the case when it comes to the War of Northern Aggression. Now we are seeing Confederate monuments defaced and removed, and the names of schools, streets, parks, and soon military bases, being renamed in an effort to further denigrate the honorable Confederate soldier who was fighting because his homeland was being invaded. Had there been no invasion, there would have been no war. This cultural genocide and hate for everything Southern and Confederate was conceived in the bowels of hell and is indefensible. Most Confederate soldiers owned no slaves and were poor farmers with a strong Christian faith. They fought an invasion of Unitarians and socialist rejects from the failed European socialist revolution of 1848. Lincoln's army was loaded with these European socialists.

Before continuing to throw stones at the Confederate soldier and the truly righteous cause for which he fought, it would be good to read some factual history from some real history books such as:
“The Real Lincoln”, by Charles L.C. Minor, “The South Was Right”, by James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy, “Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists” by Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr., ”The Un-Civil War” by Leonard M. Scruggs, “Truths of History”, by Mildred Lewis Rutherford (1920), “Complicity” by Anne Farrow, Joel Lang, and Jenifer Frank, “Facts and Falsehoods Concerning the War on the South 1861-1865”, by George Edmunds, and “The South Under Siege 1830 – 2000”, by Frank Conner.

Attached is a paper which addresses some of the common myths we are taught. Most of us have been taught the same fabricated "history". Many of us have researched into the facts and discovered the truth. Even in the "Official Records: War of the Rebellion" there is no mention of the war being about "freeing the slaves". The South was not trying to "remove the flag" or "overthrow the government". Why were the vast majority of the battles fought in the South? Because the South was invaded. It wanted only to be left alone. But Lincoln could not bear to lose all that money because the South was paying 85% of the federal revenues.
I believe we refer to that as "wealth redistribution".

The Scripture which tells us to "study to show thyself approved" is not only true for Scripture. It is good practice for other areas as well.


Jeff Paulk

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