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Confederate statue is bulldozed as mayor livestreams it
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Wed Aug 24 2022, 07:46PM

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Jeff Paulk To:










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Tue, Aug 23 at 8:56 PM

Mayor Robinson and Enfield City Clowncil, 8/23/22

Your lack of knowledge and understanding of the truth of our history is off the charts. How did you get to be your age and remain so ignorant? The truth is out there, but it is not taught in the government indoctrination centers or the Marxist universities. You people who continue to spew the same, tired old vitriol of “the war was about slavery”, “the Confederacy was fighting to keep their slaves” really make us sick. IF the North was fighting to “free the slaves”, then why did it not start with the more than 429,000 slaves in the Union AFTER the South seceded? IF the South was “fighting to keep their slaves”, why did tens of thousands of blacks, free and slave, support the Confederacy in roles that included the position of soldiers? The Confederacy was fighting an illegal invasion of murderers, arsonists, looters and rapists who were waging total war upon innocent civilians, black and white.

Lincoln was a tyrant and a despot who illegally invaded the legally seceded States in order to continue the larcenous collection of unfair and unconstitutional tariffs. The South was paying 85% of the federal revenues and the North was reaping the benefits. New England Yankees built the slave ships and worked the slave trade, but you people always put all the blame for slavery on the South. Those slave ships flew Old Glory on their masts, but you historically ignorant cultural genociders whine about the Confederate Battle flag being “a flag of slavery” and “a racist symbol”. You haven’t a clue about the truth. The Confederate Battle flag represents resistance to tyranny and the right to self-government. The Confederate monuments were erected to honor ALL Confederate soldiers, black, white, Indian, who sacrificed so much to defend their homes and families.

Does it not seem the least bit odd to you that during the war, while the vast majority of the white men were gone off to fight, that there was not one single case of any slave insurrection, even though it would have been very easy for this to occur? If the slaves were mistreated, why did they not revolt and massacre the whites? You have no understanding whatsoever of the genuine affection the blacks and whites had for each other during that time period. Things only got bad during Occupation (Reconstruction) when the Yankees stirred up animosity between the races. You should read the “Slave Narratives” where over 70% of former slaves who were interviewed had only good to say about their masters. Yes, there were cases of mistreatment, but that was the exception and not the rule.

What you have done in destroying the Confederate monument in Enfield is criminal, and I hope that justice is served. Since you and some of your City Clowncil members need to learn some true history, attached is a document debunking some of the common myths we are taught. Ignorance can be fixed, but stupid can’t. I hope you are only ignorant and possess an open mind whereby truth can transform the erroneous concept you now have about our history.

Jeff Paulk

See also https://www.newsobserver.com/news/state/north-carolina/article264769574.html



[ Edited Wed Aug 24 2022, 07:46PM ]
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