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Response To Mayor Stoney: Richmond gets court win in lingering Confederate statue case
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Author Post
Thu Oct 27 2022, 03:54PM

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Jeff Paulk To:


Thu, Oct 27 at 7:53 AM


Mayor Stoney, 10/27/22

Well Mayor Stoney, I wrote you two years ago in June of 2020 and you are still as ignorant and historically stupid today as you were then. There has to be someone following you around with a mop bucket to mop up all the ignorance pouring off of you. Your continued anti-Confederate actions, and the wrongful ruling by Circuit Court Judge David Eugene Cheek, Jr., is no less than grave desecration and a huge slap in the face to all Confederate dead, black, white, and others, who fought in the defense of their homes and families and for the right to self-govern. The removal of the memorial of General A. P. Hill is reminiscent of what has been done in communist countries. If we were to start removing all the MLK Blvd signs across the country, the black community would riot and burn down the cities, which is their normal reaction to anything they disagree with.

Contrary to popular belief, and to what is taught in the government indoctrination centers and Marxist universities, the war was NOT about slavery and there are trainloads of proof to that fact. Why did several Union officers, including General Ulysses S. Grant, own slaves throughout the war if they were fighting to end slavery? Why was West Virginia, which was illegally formed, allowed to cede into the Union during the war as a slave state if the war was about slavery? Why did the New England slave traffickers continue their slave trading during the war if the war was about slavery? Why did the North not free the more than 429,000 slaves it held if the war was about slavery? Why did Lincoln endorse the Corwin Amendment, which would have forever made it illegal to abolish slavery if the seceded states would return to the Union and ratify it, if the war was about slavery? Why do NONE of the Union war memorials state anything about slavery if the war was about slavery? Why do NONE of the Confederate war memorials state that they
were fighting to preserve slavery if the war was about slavery?

The Southern states seceded from the Union for the same reasons the thirteen original colonies seceded from Great Britain. If our Founding Fathers were right to fight for their independence, then the Confederacy could not be wrong for doing the same thing. Lincoln illegally invaded the legally seceded states so that he could continue to extract unconstitutional and unfair tariffs from the South. Had Lincoln not invaded, there would have been no war. There was no mention of hostilities when New England threatened several times to secede and form its own country, and even Horace Greeley stated that it was not wrong for the South to leave the Union. He did change his tune, however, when he realized the pending economic doom of the North which was dependent on Southern cotton and tariffs.

Our Confederate ancestors, consisting of black, white, Indian, Mexican, and others, fought an invasion of murderers, looters, arsonists and rapists in defense of their homes and families. Memorials were erected to honor their bravery and dedication to the righteous cause for which they fought. In recent years our memorials have been torn down and desecrated, schools, parks, and streets have had names of Confederate soldiers removed, and the cultural genocide, of which you are a participant, continues. It seems that any group of people in this country, unless they are Southern, can honor their ancestors and celebrate their heritage. This basic right is being denied to the descendants of the Confederate soldier for the sole reason that lies are taught instead of history and people have no clue about the truth. Many, like myself, have researched and learned the truth. But many, like yourself, are content in holding onto the lies and myths they have been indoctrinated with and have no desire to seek the truth, which is easily available.

I would be more than glad to debate you on this subject, anytime, anywhere, on TV, on radio, in a gymnasium, in a town square - any place of your choosing. It is way past time that OUR side of the story - the truth - be told. It has been suppressed for far too long. The bones of our massacred dead cry out for justice, and the God of heaven and earth will not continue to allow these injustices against our ancestors to go on forever.

I leave you with these words from Sir William Wallace:

"Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history, and denies them their symbols, has sewn the seed of its own destruction." Sir William Wallace, 1281


Jeff Paulk

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