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Sat Jan 28 2023, 09:23PM Quote

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All roster information is From Grady Howell's " To Live and Die in Dixie" unless otherwise noted


John B. Deason---https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/54567846/john-b-deason

Served in the Mexican and Civil War
Occupation before War:
Attorney in Hancock County Mississippi
General Collection Agent in Hancock County Mississippi
Served in the Mississippi State Militia
Served in the Mexican War rising to rank of Captain
Civil War Career:
1861: Delegate to Mississippi State Secession Convention
1861: Captain of Company G 3rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment
1861 – 1862: Colonel of 3rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment
Captain of 3rd Mississippi Battalion Cavalry Reserves
Major of 3rd Mississippi Battalion Cavalry Reserves
Occupation after War:
Attorney, District Attorney and Judge in Brookhaven Mississippi, Mayor 1884-1886 of Brookhaven, Postmaster

Thomas A. Mellon, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/20848473/thomas-armour-mellon

James M. Stigler-----https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Stigler-87
James was born in 1830. He passed away in 1919.


Double marker with Sophronia A. Stigler

Information from a descendant: "He was originally a 2nd Lt with Co. A of the 25th Mississippi Infantry, then transferred to the newly formed 1st Battalion of Mississippi Sharpshooters, of which he later became commander with the rank of Major. He fought in all of the Army of Tennessee's major battles, including Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Kennesaw Mountain, Jonesboro Franklin and Nashville. He was wounded at dusk on the last day of the Battle of Bentonville, and was promoted to Colonel and made commander of the 3rd Mississippi Consolidated Regiment just two weeks before the surrender."

There is a record that states that James had a FOURTH wife: "James married Mary E Stigler (born Campbell) in 1865, at age 35 in Mississippi. Mary was born on April 7 1845, in Mississippi." She was Sophronia Campbell Stigler's sister. The same record states that James Stigler fathered a total of 19 children. No verifiable source of this has yet been found.

Lt. Colonel-- Robert Eager, ----https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/35642371/robert-eager
(Dr.) Capt./Lt.-Col. Robert Eager (b. Charleston, SC, 1818-d. Hancock County, MS, 1869), Co. F ("Shieldsboro Rifles," raised in Hancock County, MS) and Field & Staff, 3rd MS Infantry. Formed the company ca. Dec. 1860 (before MS had seceded!), along with his son (Sgt. Charles J. Eager), at Shieldsboro (Bay St. Louis), Hancock County, MS, at age 42. Present on June 1, 1861, company muster roll. Present on July 6, 1861, company muster roll. Present on Sept. 27, 1861, company muster roll, Camp Clark, Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, MS. Elected Lt.-Col. of regiment on Oct. 1, 1861. Resigned his commission prior to Jan. 3, 1862. Resignation accepted by the Sec. of War on Jan. 3, 1863. Apparently, Lt.-Col. Eager resigned in order to continue as either the Tax Collector at Shieldsboro (possibly for Hancock County as a whole) or the Confederate Tax-in-Kind Collector, as a March 27, 1863, letter from him, sent from the "Collector's Office, Shieldsboro" to the "F.H. Hatch, Collector, Tangipahoa, La." is signed "R. Eager, Colt." [i]. The letter specifically requests that Hatch write to Gen. Pemberton and ask the general to allow Capt. Miller's Company of the 17th (Steede's) Battalion MS Cavalry to remain on the coast to assist in suppressing illegal trade with the Yankees. Southern Patriot! Cedar Rest Cemetery, appr. 200 South 2nd Street, Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, MS, with a private marker.

Left by Jim Huffman on 29 Dec 2016

E. A. Peyton. ---https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/5990257/elijah-a-peyton

James B. McRae, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/47267256/James-B-McRae
Capt., Co. A (Live Oak Rifles) & Lt. Col., 3rd MS Inf. Enlisted 9/18/1861 @ Ocean Springs @ age 31. Only absent when sick. Appt. Lt. Col., 8/17/1863. Elected State Senator & resigned commission on 5/27/1864. Southern Patriot!

Left by Jim Huffman on 4 Dec 2018

Samuel M. Dyer

Major -- Thomas A. Mellon, E. A. Peyton, Samuel A. Dryer, William H. Morgan.

Adjutant -- Benjamin Jones, J. B. Poindexter, Fredrick, H. Hewes, T. B. Reed, Lott M. Sones, William L. Coakley, L.M. Long.

Surgeon -- George N. Smith, Joseph M. Bogle

Asst. Surgeon-- A. S. Ashe, William E. Jones, Issaac Newton Hollingsworth (acting), Thomas M. Jordan.

Nurse -- Preston S. Thompson, Stephen Callen, Charles A. Burton.

Hospital Steward --C. M. Bisbee, A. S. Ashe.

Chaplin -- A.L. Potter, A.R. Graves, J. T. Cunningham.

Quartermaster -- J. C. Monet, John G. Poindexter, Hugh d. McLaurin, Walter C. Pond, James J. Smylie. Samuel Parks.

Asst, Quartermaster -- Redding A. Joyner, L.A. West, J. C. Monet, William J. Bruner, James J. Smylie.

Commissary -- Frederick S. Hewes, N. W. Hall, T. B. Reed, Edward H. Dabney, L.A. West.

Forage Master -- Benjamin F. Osborne.

Sgt. Major-- James w. Cowart, Charles Edward Sharkey, Imly, T. Young, Lewis R. Portwood.

Chief Musician-- George W. Bankston, John Hohn.

Post Master -- P. S. Thompson, Baldwin W. Marshall.

Ensign -- A. H. Stevens, Charles W., Thompson. Napolean B. tenor, John W. Fortich, James Carver, John Lizana, William H. Miller, James A. Sconyers, Micajah P. Stevens, Columbus McDaniel, Joseph T. McGowen, John J. Cherry, W.H. Mathews, George W. Rawlings, William H. Ross, John T. Tatum, John H. Scott.

Artificer -- A. J. Agnew, W. D. Kyle.

The ranks listed for each individual do not necessarily reflect the order in which they were held by that individual.


(See end of Co. K. For source of this post)


Re: McWillie Blues Roster
By:Artillery guy
Date: 11/25/2022, 3:49 pm
In Response To: McWillie Blues Roster (George Purvis)

Mr. Howell himself states that these men belong to unknown companies.

He also lists no companies for them in For Dixie Land ....

I find that August Alton, a private and musician, is listed as F & S (Field and Staff).

My suggestion is for you to contact Mr. Howell directly.



Re: 3rd Miss. Regt F & S now online
By:Tim Burgess
Date: 12/10/2022, 3:27 pm
In Response To: Re: 3rd Miss. Regt F & S now online (George Purvis)

George: I am attaching the following know fatal casualties I have researched over the years on the 3rd Mississippi Infantry for the Tennessee Campaign of 1864. Hope it is of some assistance in your ongoing research. If you notice any corrections needed, please advise. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know. Sincerely, Tim



3rd Mississippi, Co. E. Pvt. Thomas Rich (mw) on December 10,1864 in front of
Nashville. Captured on December 16, 1864 and forwarded to a U.S. General Hospital with
fracture of right femur. He died on February 17, 1865. (3)

Co. F. Sgt. Alexander Whitaker, age 25, killed December 25, 1864
at Pulaski, Tennessee. Buried in Chestnut Grove Methodist Church Cemetery,
Confederate Section, Pulaski, Tennessee. (2)

Pvt. Harvey R. Hulle, age 24, (mw) Dec. 5, 1864 Nashville,
Tennessee and died on Jan. 14 1865. (3)

(2) Buried in various cemeteries on the route of the advance to and the retreat from
Nashville, or taken home by family for burial.

(3) Listed among the known Confederate Dead in Confederate Circle, Mt. Olivet
Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee




F&S Lt. (Adj.) Lott M. Sones DB
Ensign John J. Cherry (21) “Color Bearer’ DB
Color Sgt. Napoleon Bonaparte Trenor (34) “Color Bearer” 22 14
Color Sgt. Micajah Pickett Stevens (35) 40 282
Co. A. Sgt. Daniel Huey Ramsay (27) (mw) 47 387

Pvt. George Miller (mw) * * UNK
Co. B. Pvt. John J. Leonard 23 17
Co. C. Pvt. Elisha Bailey 45 360
Pvt. David Y. Graves 22 15

Pvt. David G. Hardy 23 19
Co. D. Lt. Joseph C. Turner * * UNK

Cpl. Stephen Richmond Gilbert (27) 22 12

Pvt. William M. Drew * * UNK
Co. E. Capt. John P. Elmer (mw) 42 311

Lt. John Dorsey (33) (mw) * * UNK

Lt. Imly T. Young (33) 23 20

Pvt. Andrew Jackson Dunn 26 63

Pvt. William M. McMullen (mw) 23 18
Co. G. Cpl. George W. Hudson * * UNK
Co. H. Cpl. Martin Bond (25) 22 11
Cpl. James T. McCollister (21) (mw) _ _ UNK SEC

Pvt. Thomas J. Dale (20) * * UNK

Pvt. John Beaton Stroud (24) * * UNK
Co. I. Lt. Abner J. Russell (25) 23 22

Pvt. Jonathan A. Montgomery DB

Officers 5 (1 Captain & 4 Lieutenants)
Nco’s 5
Enlisted 11
Regimental Staff 4 (1 Adj. 1 Ensign 1 Color Sgt. & 1 Color Cpl.)

Cemetery 15
Unknown 7
DB 3 TOTAL: 25


Ensign John J. Cherry, age 21, F&S, 3rd Mississippi (mw&c) and died in a Nashville Prison hospital on January 18 1865. Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee.

Pvt. Jonathan A. Montgomery, age 21, Co. I. 3rd Mississippi (mw). Died in a Confederate Hospital in Pulaski, Tennessee on December 25, 1864. Buried in Chestnut Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, Pulaski, Tennessee as Unknown.

Lt. (ADJ.) Lott M. Sones, age 23, F&S 3rd Mississippi. Buried in the family cemetery, Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, Mississippi.


3rd Mississippi, Co. B. Pvt. William Huffstickler (mw&c) December 16, 1864
and died on January 11, 1865. (3)

Co. D. Pvt. Andrew Jackson Cooksey (mw&c) December
15, 1864 and died on January 2, 1865. Wounded in both legs, amputation. (3)

(3) Listed among the known Confederate Dead in Confederate Circle, Mt. Olivet
Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee

[ Edited Wed Jan 10 2024, 02:52PM ]
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