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Sat Aug 26 2023, 03:56AM Quote

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Biloxi Rifles Harrison County. Mustered into State service at Jackson on May 21, 1861. Mustered into Confederate service at Shieldsboro on October 5, 1861.

Andrews G. W. --- Pvt, 1st Sgt.

Armstrong, George – Pvt.

Armstrong James – Pvt. 4th, 1st Cpl. 5Th, 2nd, Sgt.

Baltz, Jacob – Pvt, 4th Sgt.

Bartlett, R. Saunders-- Pvt.

Baylius, Theobald – Pvt.

Bellman, C. – Pvt.

Bennett, F. M. – 3rd Cpl.

Bennett, John P. – Pvt. 4th, 3rd, 3rd Sgt.

Bennett, Marion – Pvt.

Berthon Charles – Pvt.

Biggs, E.W. – Pvt.

Bitterwolf, Leopold – Pvt.

Bochard, E. – Pvt.

Bordon, A. – Pvt. Mus. (Drummer)

Bowman, Simon-- Pvt.

Bradley, A. L. – Pvt.

Brakefield, D. N. – Pvt.

Brakefield, H. L. – Pvt., 3rd, 2nd Cpl.

Brasher, John C. – Pvt.

Brown, Nicholas-- Pvt.

Budley, A. – Pvt.

Burnett, J. – Pvt.

Burns, Owen – Pvt.

Burth, C -- Pvt.

Burton, John – Pvt.

Caillavet, Ramon – Pvt.

Caldwell, George – Pvt.

Carco, John A. – Pvt.

Carco U. – Pvt.

Cochran T. – Pvt.

Coleman, C. – Pvt.

Colley, John, – Pvt. 3Rd, 2nd, 1st Cpl.

Cortez, Felix – Pvt.

Cox Edmund P. – Pvt.

Cronia, C.C. – Pvt.

Cronia, Green – Pvt.

Davis George W. – Pvt., 5th Sgt, 2nd Lt.

Davis, Thomas-- Pvt.

Davis William – Pvt. Mus.

Deen, Thomas J. – Cpl.

Deiuro, Samuel – Pvt.

Desax, Emile – 2nd, 1st Cpl.

Devro, Samuel – Pvt.

Donaho, R. L. – Pvt

Dolley, Elijah – Pvt.

Dorsey, John – Pvt., 1st Sgt., 1st Lt.

Downey, James P. Pvt.

Duane, L. – Pvt.

Dunn, A. J. – Pvt.

Dupont, Alfred – Pvt.

Dupont, Lucien – Pvt.

Elmer, John P. – 1st Lt., Capt.

Evans Andrew J. – Pvt.

Faulkner, K. H. --Lt.

Fayard, Antoine-- Pvt.

Fennan, John – Pvt.

Fink, Herman – Pvt. Mus

Foritich, John W. – Pvt. Color guard.

Gorenflo, illiam – Pvt., 2nd Cpl. 4Th, 3rd Sgt.

Green, Ephriam – Pvt.

Green, Martin V. – Pvt. 3rd Cpl. Mus. (drummer)

Green William – Pvt.

Grice, H. – Pvt.

Grimm, C. W. – Pvt.

Grimm, W. H. – Pvt.

Gunther, Henry-- Pvt., 1st Cpl.

Hawkins, Henry P. – Pvt.

Hefferman, John – Pvt. 4th, Cpl.

Henley, William A. – Pvt..

Herring , George W. – Pvt.

Higgingbottom. William – Pvt.

Hightower, George – Pvt.

Hightower, Thomas – Pvt.

Hohn, John – Pvt., mus (drummer), Drum Major

Holley, Anson H. – Pvt., 1st Cpl., 2nd, 1st Sgt.

Holley, Henry – Pvt.

Holley Louis – Pvt.

Holley, Lyman b. – 2nd Lt.

Hlooiman, Clement – Pvt, 3rd, 2nd, 1st Sgt.

Howard, John D. – Capt.

Johns, John L. – Pvt.

Jordan, William – Pvt.

Kelly Theodore – Pvt.

Kendall, Louis – Pvt.

Knapp, Harry --- 4th Sgt. #rd, 2nd Lt.

Kruse, William – Pvt.

Ladney, Edward D. – Pvt.

Ladnier, C. --Pvt.

Ladnier, Charles S.-- Pvt.

Ladnier, Peter – Pvt.

Ladnier, R. – Pvt.

Ladnier, Victor – Pvt.

Landers R, – Pvt.

Lanius, Richard-- Pvt

Logan, John – Pvt. 5th, 4th, 2nd, Sgt.

Lyons, Thadeus – Pvt.

McCaleb, T. – Pvt.

Mckinney, W. N. – Pvt, 2nd Cpl.

Mcmullen, M. – Pvt

McMullen, William W. – Pvt.

McNeil, Emile-- Pvt.

McNeil, M. – Pvt.

McPheen Daniel-- Pvt.

Madden, Joseph – Pvt.

Marsan, Alexis – Pvt., 2nd Sgt.

Mayfield, James W. – Pvt. 1st Lt.

Meaut, Eugene – Pvt., 5th Sgt.

Meaut, J. – Pvt.

Meshaer, J. C. – Pvt.

Michot, J. A. – Pvt.

Miles, Solomon – Pvt.

Miller, John – Pvt.

Moales, John F.-- 3rd, 2nd Lt.

Moran, P. – Pvt.

Morton, John – Pvt.

Munger R. G. – Pvt., #rd Sgt.

Murray, Sid-- Pvt.

Nels, Willian-- Pvt.

Norris, A.D.D. --Pvt, 4th,3rd, 2nd, Cpl.

O'Mealey, Martin-- Pvt.

O'Neal, Patrick-- Pvt.

Parham, John – Pvt.

Parkhill, J. F. --Pvt.

Portier, Louis-- Pvt.

Quave, Lewis-- Pvt.

Randall, L. H. --Pvt.

Rich, Thomas-- Pvt.

Rivers, William-- Pvt.

Riviere, P. C. --- Pvt.

Roberts, Edward-- Pvt.

Romain, S. – Pvt.

Rouseau, Daniel – Pvt.

Rouseau, Sabien-- Pvt.

Roussel, John – Pvt.

Rousell, Joseph – Pvt.

Russ, John-- Pvt.

Santz, F. – Pvt;, Musician.

Saucier, J. Pvt.

Seymour, John-- Pvt.

Smith, Henry-- Pvt.

Stanford, Green-- Pvt.

Starks, Stephen-- Pvt.

Stout, Hippolyte-- Pvt, fifer

Tibleer, Emile-- Pvt.

Tibler, Eugene-- Pvt.

Thompson, C. W. – cpl.

Triilby, Solomon, T. – Pvt.

Turner, L. T. – Pvt.

Webb, George W. – Pvt.

Wells, William T. – Pvt.

Wendt, Peter – Pvt.

Wentzell, Charles-- Pvt.

Westbrook, James-- Pvt.

Wilson, Evander-- Pvt.

Wilson, Robert – Pvt.

Young, Imly T. – Pvt, 1st Sgt Sgt Maj., 3rd, 2nd Lt.

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