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Sat Sep 09 2023, 10:23PM Quote

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“Company F. Shieldsboro Rifles” Hancock County. Mustered into State service at Shieldsboro on June 29, 1861. Mustered into Confederate Service at the same place on October 5, 1861.

Ackerman, F. – Pvt.

Addison, E. W. – Pvt.

Alexander, Frank, 2nd , ist Sgt.

Bayard, Louis – Pvt. 4th Cpl.

Beck, Charles-- Pvt.

Bontemps, Raphael-- Pvt.

Bourgeois, Auguste---Pvt.

Bourgeois, Bernard – Pvt.

Bourgeois, Edmund – Pvt. '

Bourn, Francis, M. – Pvt.,. 1st Cpl., 4th Sgt.

Bowen, Benet-- Pvt.

Bowen, James – Pvt.

Carco, Henrycarron, Napo;lean00 Pvt

Carver, David – Pvt.

Carver, Edwin-- Pvt.

Carver, Elihu –Pvt.

Carver, James-- Pvt. 5Th, 4th, Color Cpl.

Coakley, William L. --Pvt. Com Sgt. 1st Lt. , Adjut.

Coplly, John G. --2nd Lt.

Colson, William-- Pvt, 2nd Cpl.

Courtenay, Talma-- Pvt.

Cowan, A.S. 3Rd, 1st Lt.

Cowan, Charles – Pvt.

Cuevas – Charles -- Pvt.

Cuevas, James – Pvt.

Cuevas Raymond-- Pvt.

Dannaples, Charles --- Pvt.

Dubisson, Eugene-- Pvt.

Dubisson, Octave-- Pvt.

Dubisson, Sylvain – Pvt.

Eager, Robert-- Capt, Lt. Col.

Ennis, Henry-- Pvt.

Ennis, James-- Pvt.

Favre, Charles-- Pvt

Favre, Eugene-- Pvt

Favre, Johm-- Pvt.

Favre, Louis-- Pvt.

Favre, Lucien – Pvt.

Favre, Simon -- Pvt

Fayard, Adolph -- Pvt.

Fayard, Alfred -- Pvt. 2Nd, 1st Cpl

Fayard, Alphonse -- Pvt.

Fayard, Claudis -- Pvt.

Fayard, Eugene --Pvt.

Fayard, Henry – Pvt.

Fayard, Lawrence Jr.-- Pvt

Fayard, Lawrence Sr. – 5th 4th Sgt.

Fayard, Oscar-- Pvt.

Garcia, Manuel—Pvt.

Gorce, H-- Pvt.

Graber-- Albert

Gusman. Bartholomew-- Pvt. 1st Ord. Sgt.

Gutemasn, George-- 4th, 3rd, 2nd Col. 3rd Sgt.

Holden, James M. – Pvt. 4Th, 1st, Cpl., 3rd, 2nd Sgt.

Hook,. Peter-- Pvt.

Johnson, S. E. --Pvt.

Johnston, Charles V. – Pvt.

Johnston, Edmond – Pvt, 3rd Cpl.

Johnston, George W. – Pvt., 3rd Cpl. 4Th, 3rd Sgt.

Johnston, Louis C. – Pvt., 4th , 3rd, 2ndSgt.

Johnston, Richard R. – Pvt.

Jones, James-- Pvt.

Joyner, Redding A.– Pvt. 4th Cpl. AQM Sgt. 1st LT, Capt.

Keslar, Daniel—Pvt.

Ladner, Cherri –Pvt

Ladner, Delmas – Pvt. $th Sgt.

Ladner, Etyirnne – Pvt.

Ladner, Francis –Pvt. 1st Cpl.

Ladner, Jack – Pvt.

Ladner, Lawrence – Pvt.

Ladner, Louis-- Pvt.

Ladner, Samuel R. – Pvt.

Lnacier, F. N. – Pvt.

Leebroopk, Henry-- Pvt.

Lipple Petyer-- Pvt.

Lizana , John – Pvt., Color Cpl (acting)

Luc, Hermogene – Pvt.

Luc, Jophm – Pvt.

Merritt, P. M. – Pvt.

Moore, P. M. – Pvt

Murphy, John-- Pvt., 3rd Cpl. , 1st Sgt.

Murphy, Thomas-- Pvt.

Necaise Edmond-- Pvt. 4Th, 3rd Cpl. 5Th, 4th Sgt.

Noble, Patrick – Pvt. 2nd Cpl.

Ogden, James N. Pvt.

O'Pero, Julius-- Pvt.

Raymond, Peter-- 3rd Sgt., 2nd, 1st Lt.

Redding, Walter C. – Pvt.

Rossetto, Peter-- Pvt.

St. Tuall, August – Pvt, mus. (drummner)

Saucier, F. N. – Pvt. 3rd Cpl;.

Saucioer, John-- 1st Lt. , Capt.

Saucier, Napoleon F. – Pvt.

Saucier, Victor-- Pvt.

Scherges, August-- Pvt.

Sohl. Johm-- Pvt.

Sones, Lott M. -- 2nd , !st Lt, , Adjut.

Spence, William F. --Pvt. 4Th, 1st Sgt. 3Rd, 2nd Lt.

Stienfeltz, John – Pvt.

Thomas, FredRick-- Pvt.

Tierney, Joseph – Pvt.

Toulme, John V. – 1st Lkt., Capt.

Wadison E. – pvt.

Whitaker, Alexender-- Pvt., 2nd Cpl. 5th Sgt.

Wilkinson, Howard-- !st Cpl., O Sgt., 3rd, 2nd Lt.

Witter, McMillian – Pvt.

Wyett, J. G. --Pvt.

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