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Thu Nov 09 2023, 03:11AM Quote

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Company G, “Gainesville Volunteers”, Hancock County. Mustered into state service at Gainesville July 9, 1861. Mustered into Confederate Service at Shieldsboro October 5, 1861.

Abbington, H. A. – Pvt.

Alexander, Carlos F. -- Pvt.

Alford, William B.-- Pvt., 1st Cpl.

Anderson, John – Pvt.

Armistead, William – Povt, 4th 3rd Sgt./

Armstead, W. J. – Sgt.

Armstrong, James – Pvt.

Baker, James-- Pvt.

Beason, C. J. – Pvt.

Bedgood, R. P. – Pvt.

Bedgood, Thomas-- Pvt, 4th , 2nd, 1st Cpl.

Bennett, B. F. – Pvt.

Bennett, J. O. – Pvt.

Bennett, Taylor – Pvt.

Blackwell, Morris-- Pvt., 5th Sgt.

Boswell, N. B. – Pvt.

Bradford, John J. --1st Lt., Capt.

Brown, A. J--. Pvt.

Brown, Andrew-- Pvt.

Brown, William – Pvt.

Burks, Roland – Pvt.

Burks, William – Pvt.

Cade, Samuel-- Pvt

Caldwell, W. G. – Pvt.

Carter, Moses – Pvt.

Carter, Seal-- Pvt.

Coleman, M. M. – Pvt.

Coleman, William S. – Pvt.

Cook, Isaac – Pvt.

Cook, Matthew-- Pvt.

Davis, Richard – Pvt.

Deason, John B. – Capt, Col.

Dillard, J. G. – Pvt.

Dixon, Robert –Pvt.

Dupriest, E. H. – Pvt.

Dupriest, William – Pvt.

Edmond –Cook (slave)

Evans, Andrew J. – Pvt.

Favre, Onezim –Pvt, 5th, 4th Sgt.

Finnigan, John – Pvt.

Fleming, Hiram-- Pvt.

Flinn, Daniel H. – Pvt.

Flinn, William A. – Pvt.

Fredrick-- cook (slave)

Gallender, G. W. – Pvt.

Gill, Jackson – Pvt.

Gill, John W. – Pvt.

Goodridge, J. M. – Pvt.

Harper, Paul A. – Pvt.

Harrell, Jesse – Pvt.

Hearn, Jackson – Pvt.

Henderspon, G. W. --- Cpl.

Hogan, William W. – Pvt

Holder, Daniel-- Pvt.

Holdridge, G. W. – Pvt.

Holleman, George W. – Pvt.

Holley, H. T. – Pvt.

Hollingworth, J. A. – Pvt.

Horrace – Cook (slave)

Huber, Antoine – Pvt.

Hudson, George W. – Pvt. 4th Cpl.

Johnson, Jordan-- Pvt.

Jones, William E. – Pvt, Asst. Surg.

Keaton, William R. – Pvt.

Knight, John-- Pvt.

Ladnier, Emile – Pvt.

Lee, Albert-- Pvt.

Lee, W. P. – Pvt.

McArthur, Lortt – Pvt.

McArthur, Thiomas – Pvt., 3rd Sgt.

McCarty, John-- Pvt.

McCarty Reuben -- Pvt. 3rd Cpl., 1st Sgt.

McCarty, Robert-- Pvt.

McFadden, Enoch – 2nd Lt., Capt.

Marsan, William – Pvt.

Marshall, Baldwin D. – Pvt.

Marshall, William H. --Pvt.

Mathews, J. – Pvt.

Miller, B. – Pvt.

Miller Jermiah – Pvt, 3rd Sgt.

Miller, John W. – 3rd Cpl. , 1st Lt

Mitchell, G. T. – pvt.

Mitchell, M. W. --4th, 1st Sgt. Brvt, 2nd Lt.

Mitchell, Orlando-- Pvt.

Mitchell, R. C. – Pvt.

Mitchell, S. C. – Pvt.

Mitche;ll, Thomas J. – Pvt.

Michell, Thomas J. – Pvt.

Mitchell, W. R. – Pvt.

Moore, John J. Pvt., 3rdcpl, 1st Sgt.

Moore, L. – Pvt

Moore, W. A. – Pvt.

Moore William H. --Pvt, 3rd, 2nd Cpl.

Moran, Peter-- Pvt., 3Rd, 2nd Cpl.

Morison, William-- Pvt.

Neal, William-- Pvt.

New, James – Pvt.

Nixon, J. H. – Pvt.

Nixon, T. -- Pvt.

Nixon, Theodore H. – Pvt., 2nd Cpl.

Osborn, B. F. – Pvt.

OsbornJ. S. – Pvt.

Parker, Lafayette – Pvt.

Parks, James – Pvt.

Parks, Samuel-- 2nd, QM Sgt.

Patch, John J. – Pvt.

Patterson, E. H. – Pvt.

Poitevent, Adolph – Pvt,4th Sgt., 3rd Brvt, 2nd, 1st Lt.

Pond, Walter C. --Pvt. Qm Sgt.

Proser, J. – Pvt.

Randall, A. B. --3rd, 2nd Lt.

Riley, George W. – Pvt.

Roberts, R. R. – Pvt.

Ross, William H. --Pvt., Mus., Color Cpl.

Samuel-- cook (slave)

Scoggins, G. H. – Pvt..

Seal, Francis H. --2nd Cpl.,3rd, 2nd, 1st Lt.

Seal, James L. --Pvt. 3rd Sgt.

Simonton, Joseph B. --Pvt.

Salven, Robert—Pvt.

Smith, C. – Pvt.

Smith, Edward-- Pvt.

Smith, G. W., – Pvt.

Smith, Hardy-- Pvt.

Smith, Jessee Emmet-- Pvt.

Smith james w. – Pvt.

Smioth, John – Pvt.

Smith Moses S. – Pvt.

Stanfaord, Nathan G. – Pvt

Steward, W. D. – Pvbt.

Stockstill, Bengamin Franklin, --Pvt., 2nd Lt.

Stockstill, George Washington – Pvt.

Stockstill, W. Alonzo-- Pvt.

Stockstill, W. E. – Pvt, 5th Sgt.

Thigpen, Benton – Pvt.

Thigpen, Joel J. – Pvt.

Thigpen, Nathan –Pvt., 1st Cpl.

Triotter, Joseph W. – Pvt.

Victor, Celistan-- Pvt.

Voss, S. R. – Pvt., 3rd, 2nd. 1st Cpl.

Ward, james P. --Pvt, 4th Cpl.

Wash-- Cook (slave)

Watson, J. H. W. – Pvt.

Wells, R. J. – Pvt.

Whichard, H. H. – Pvt.

White, Jeremiah, R. --Pvt.

Whitfield, J. F. --Pvt., 2nd, 1st, Sgt.

Williams, Joshua – Pvt.

Williams, Thomas – Pvt.

Willoford, R. C. – Pvt.

Windham, John – Pvt.

Windham, Samuel-- Pvt.

Winninghamw. W. – Pvt, 3rd Sgt.

Wood, John-- Pvt.

Woodcock, C. N. – Pvt.

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