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Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education :: Forums :: Military Units :: The 3rd Mississippi Infantry Regt.
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Company H, “Dalgreen Guards” Harrison County.
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Mon Jan 01 2024, 03:32PM Quote

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Company H, “Dalgreen Guards” Harrison County. Mustard into state service at Pass Christian September 4, 1861. Mustered into Confederate service at Shieldsboro on October 5, 1861.

Baird, William-- Pvt.

Beall, Augustus--- Pvt.

Berean, William – Pvt., 5th Sgt.

Bisbee, C. M. --Pvt.

Blackwell, Anderson h. – Pvt.

Bond, Alexander – 4th cpl., 3rd, 2nd Lt.

Bond, Alfred – Pvt.

Bond, Andrew – Pvt.

Bond, Cephas-- Pvt.

Bond, Martin, Pvt, 2nd cpl.

Bond, Rufus M. – Pvt.

Bond, S – Pvt.

Bond, Thomas -- Pvt.

Bond, Wilkin-- Pvt.

Bonds, Carroll-- Pvt

Bounds, D. W. – Pvt.

Bounds, George Washington-- Pvt.

Bounds, Solomon – Pvt.

Bounds, Stephen M. – Pvt.

Bounds Woodward-- Pvt

Britland, James – Pvt.

Burrell, J. H. – Sgt.

Callen, Stephen –Pvt. Hosp. Nurse.

Cannon, Daniel-- 3rd Lt.

Carver, Leon-- Pvt.

Carver, Michael-- Pvt,.

Casanova, Jas. – Pvt.

Cassinova, F. – Pvt.

Cassinova, Joseph –Pvt.

Clark, Samuel L. Pvt. 2nd Cpl.

Cortes, Peter – Pvt.

Coston, J. w. – Pvt.

Crionier, Charles-- Pvt.

Cronier, John B. --- Pvt, 4th Cpl.

Crosby, John – Pvt.

Curran, Daniel A. -- 2nd, 1st lt, Capt.

Dale crockett-- Pvt.

Dale, E. J. – Pvt.

Dale, J. T. – Pvt.

Dale, John J. --2nd, 1st lt.

Dale, Thomas –--Pvt.

Dale, Stephen M. – Pvt, 2nd 1st Sgt.

Daniel, Wiley – Pvt.

Dashmer, W. J. – Pvt.

Deakle, William – Pvt.

Dererw, Levi – Pvt.

Felts, James M. -- 3rd, 2nd Sgt,

Gamble, J. W. ----Pvt.

Gordas, Andre-- Pvt.

Graber, Albert-- Pvt.

Green, Ashbel-- Capt.

Griffin, Marion, ---- Pvt.

Griowaschesky, Francis – Pvt.

Hadden, Wiggin--- Pvt

Handsberry, J. – Pvt.

Head, James-- Pvt.

Henderson, Nicholas – Pvt.

Henry, Michael Fitz – Pvt.

Hester, Goodman--- pvt.

Hester, John – Pvt.

Hewes, Fredrick S. – Pvt, Com Sgt., Adjut.

Hickman, William, --Pvt.

Hicks, William – Pvt.

Holley, Alfred – Pvt, 1st Cpl.

Holley, Nicholas--3rd Cpl, 4th, 3rd, 2nd Sgty.

Johnston, William –Pvt.

Keel, Wiolliam B. – Pvt.

Kestler, James W. – Pvt.

Leroy, Emile-- Pvt.

Lewis, James Jr. – Pvt.

Lewis, James Sr,-- Pvt.

Lewis William – Pvt.

Lizana, Ernest-- Pvt/.

Lizana, Roselius— Pvt.

Lott, John Pvt. Mcallester, james T. – Pvt. 3Rd, 2nd Cpl.

McCallester, J. t. – Pvt.

McDonald charl;esz – Pvt.

McNeal, Anthony-- Pvt.

Martin, Ferinand C. -- Pvt.

Moon, W. L. ==Pvt.

Moore, George – Pvt. 4th 3rd Cpl.

Moore William L. – Pvt

Moiore, Geoirge-- Pvt, Cpl.

Necaisse, Charles-- Pvt.

Netto, Frank-- Pvt.

O'Neal, Joseph-- Pvt.

Page, Daniel-- Pvt.

Page, Roberty-- Povt.

Palmer, John – Pvt.

Perkins, John-- Pvt.

Priester, Henry – Pvt.

Redmond, John-- Pvt.

Redmond , John-- Pvt.

Robinson, G. A. – Pvt.

Rodgers, F. – Sgt.

Rogers, George W. – Pvt.

Rouse, Hezekiah – Pvt.

Sammill, G. W. – Pvt.

Saucier, David-- Pvt, 1st Cpl. 5Th, 4th Sgt.

Saucier, Edmund-- Pvt.

Saucier, John-- 1st, Lt.

Saucier, John B. – 4th Sgt.

Saucier, Joseph-- Pvt.

Saucier, Julien-- Pvt.

Saucier, P.N. – Pvt.

Saucier, Pierre-- 1st Sgt, 3rd, 2nd Lt.

Saunders, J. A. – P_vt.

Scarburough, John-- Pvt, 5th Sgt.

Sellier, Romain-- Pvt.

Sign R. – Pvt.

Smith, Clayton – Pvt

Smith, gabriel-- Pvt.

Smith, L. D. 4th Cpl. 2nd Sgt.

Smith, Peyton – Pvt.

Smith, Rufus Pvt.

Smith, Selanthiel-- Pvt.

Smith, W. J. – Pvt.

Smith, William – Pvt.

Sperier, Alcide-- Pvt.

Sperier, Arthur – Pvt.

Sperier, Paul-- 2nd, 1st Cpl. 4Th, 3rd, Sgt.

Spikes Daniel, – Pvt.

Spikes, Westly-- Pvt.

Spinder, Henry-- Pvt.

Stearn, N. J. – 2nd Lt.

Stroud, E. Pvt.

Stroud, John B. – Pvt.

Stroud, W. B. – Pvt.

Stroud, W. P. – Pvt.

Sumrall, John – Pvt.

Sutter, John –Pvt.

Terrill, John-- Pvt.

Wells, George-- Pvt.

White, Henry-- Pvt.

Wilkerson, Howard – 1st Cpl. O. Sgt., 3rd, 2nd Lt.

Williams Louis-- Pvt.

Williams, William – Pvt., 5Th, 4th Sgt.

Wyers, Joseph --Pvt.

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