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Author Post
Fri Nov 09 2007, 10:53PM

Registered Member #1
Joined: Tue Jul 17 2007, 02:46PM
Posts: 4074
The News and Views discussion forum is open to SHAPE members and non-members, re-enactors from all periods of American history regardless of what side you represent.

Permission to use--- Please disregard the "read This first" on this page. I am changing the forum and may reactivated the Living History forum. . Charles Demastus at Demastus @aol.com To: george 8576©att.net. ‎Apr‎ ‎5 at ‎11‎:‎09‎ ‎PM
I can send you the stuff I get that I would have put it in the newsletter and you can use it as you see fit. Thanks. If you could send me a copy I could post it to a new website. This is a valuable tool in the fight to preserve our heritage, it is to valuable not to share with everyone.

This is a free use discussion forum, all posts, images editorial other discussions posted to this forum become part of SHAPES history, therefore they become property of SHAPE and may be used in any SHAPE project, heritage preservation issue, text or other media that SHAPE feels is appropriate for lending it name to. SHAPE will make every to see that credit for your research is noted with usage. Shape will also make efforts limited to our expertise and knowledge to protect your email address. We cannot do anything if you freely post it to the forum.

1. You do not need to join SHAPE in order to post to this board, nor do you need to join the message board to post. We would however like for you to leave a comment and consider joining us.

2.Please limit your discussion to related topics. All other history related discussion, please use the general discussion board.

3.No commercial, posts unless approved by SHAPE’s president, Mark Raines. We will allow you to use this board to buy, sell or trade with other individuals at your own risk

4. Absolutely no profanity or offhand references to drugs or alcoholic beverages unless in a historical manner.

5. Absolutely no insults or name calling allowed. This will result in an immediate loss of membership in SHAPE and/or you will be banned from SHAPE's website.

6. If you are posting an upcoming event, please post all information – month, day, time start, time end, parking or any other information that may be needed. We can also post the information to the calendar.

Mark Raines
SHAPE President

[ Edited Wed Mar 02 2022, 11:35PM ]
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Kirk D. Lyons
Tue Nov 13 2007, 06:44PM
This list is needed. Reenactors can no longer sit on the sidelines of the culture war.

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Mon Aug 22 2022, 12:21AM

Registered Member #1
Joined: Tue Jul 17 2007, 02:46PM
Posts: 4074
Also see other forums and "Cold Southern Steel" blog at https://coldsouthernsteel.wordpress.com/
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